Human sex

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Men with this disorder experience a persistent lack of sexual desire or appetite, absence of sexual fantasies, and complete lack of interest in and avoidance of sexual contact with a partner. According to The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, it affects roughly 10% of men.

It may be caused by boredom or unhappiness in a long-standing relationship, or related to traumatic events in childhood or adolescence. Depression may play a role as well. Possible physical causes include drug side effects and hormonal deficiencies. Sometimes, boosting abnormally low testosterone levels may help.

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Female sexual dysfunction is a term used for the various disorders of the sexual process in women and is categorized by pain associated with intercourse or by a disturbance in the processes that form the sexual response cycle – desire, arousal or excitement, orgasmic or plateau and resolution. Researchers believe that just over 40% of women may have a sexual problem at some point in their lives. Yet despite such statistcs, the study of female sexual dysfunction is still quite limited. Recent interest in women’s health issues and advances in medical technology have stimulated the growth in research and study of women’s anatomy and physiology and the underlying psychological factors and reactions to stimuli.Robert SerrataCritical DiscoursePublic VS Private SchoolsThere are many differences between public and private schools. I found these out when I changed from private to public school my junior year of high school. It was a experience and hard switch for me to make that year.

However, I think that I am better person for making that change. Due to the switch, I was exposed to different people and different lifestyles that I had never been around. The big difference between the two is the expense. For most private schools, you have to pay a great deal of money out of your pocket, to go there. This gets very pricey for the parents when it comes to having more then one child at private school. Most of the time the cost is so much that people have take out loans with a bank that the schools sets up for them to pay. It is then up to the directors of that school to decide what the money should be used for.

This can lead to some crookedness. For example, if they feel that more money should be put in men sports then women they can distribute it that way. Private schools do not receive federal funding so they do not have to answer to their laws and restrictions. Since private schools cost so much to go there it usually leads to having majority of only upper class people attending. This shelters kids from getting to know anyone outside their social class.

They tend to believe that everybody has the same opportunities and do not have to deal with kids with real problems that they have only seen on television. When you attend public school you get to see and know first hand the problems most kids deal with. You make friends with people you would normally not have met just going to private school. You gain many opportunities by attending public school. Public schools have greater variety of electives to offer that public schools dont.

Most private schools just offer the standard art or something to that effect. As where the public schools offer many different varieties of classes as farming, welding, and child raising. These classes are good for helping the student decide on a future career. In addition, with many teen pregnancies that have recently become a problem, it is good that they have classes to offer girls who dont how to raise children. I think that if I had not gone to public school I wouldnt have become the person I am today.

I matured and learned a lot from going there.Words/ Pages : 642 / 24