Human Comedy

One Day Homer Macauley signs up for a telegram delivery job and gets it.

Whilehe delivers these letters he discovers the truth about love, hope, and painseeing the reactions on the faces of the people when they receive the message.He relates his life to the letters awaiting one from his brother Marcus who isin war. When he is not out sending telegrams he goes to school in which he isvery admired by all of his teachers but Mr.

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Byfield who despises him. Being apoor boy is held against Homer, which Mr. Byfield emphasizes trying to get himin trouble. Getting on with the story.

Homer is later faced with a lifeexperience when his telegram advisor, Mr. Gangley, dies when he is typing anincoming message a message that states “The Department of war regrets toinform you that your son Marcus…

…..”, not finishing the statement.Later, when homer returns home he sees a young soldier on his steps. He isovious that he is injured, but he is also holding a message.

It is a messagefrom a dead Marcus Macauley. Homer invites him in and the story ends.