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This is not a real paper, please terminate my account.Monday, April 29, 2002Things to Note.

..In case you don’t read through all of the posts I made over the weekend, here are some things to note:- You can now klip for this site. (Get KlipFolio. Read headlines. Super cool.)- You can also get a klip for Well, Slap Me Silly!.

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– Want to get a “digest” of blogs? Yesterday’s posts, all in one handy e-mail? You can by using Bloglet. Sign up for mine below. I’ll add it to the sidebar later this week. Let me know if you sign up too!Enter your email address below to subscribe to Blah Blah Blog!powered by Bloglet:: Christine wrote at 10:04 AM in Know the Code :: Return For More :: Talk Back (1) :: Season Finales…Tivo remembers to catch all of my favorite shows for me, but just in case – here is a list of when all of the season finales will air. via PromoguySpeaking of season finales, did anyone watch the second Law ; Order: Criminal Intent last night? Did you it give you flashbacks of the whole Kaycee Nicole thing that happened last year? Whoa.

I kept thinking about that, over ; over. It’s amazing the hoaxes that people pull off. I still feel bad about all of the kind-hearted people that were hurt by that. I was stunned myself when the truth came out – I would have never questioned it otherwise.:: Christine wrote at 09:47 AM in BlahBlahBabble :: Return For More :: Talk Back (1) :: Sunday, April 28, 2002Ants, Ants, Ants…

Tess ranted one day about ants. I posted in her comments a question – had she seen the article where Researchers find 3,600-mile ant supercolony. In case she hasn’t, there it is. via Amit:: Christine wrote at 06:39 PM in Amuse Me :: Return For More :: Talk Back (1) :: Too Quiet.

..Know what’s difficult about BlogOmania being on such a stable server now? No one has any support requests! There is no stress and panic over the sites being down. Matter of fact, things have been really calm. I like it.

It’s the way hosting should be. (I’m almost afraid to post this, thinking I will jinx everything if I do!):: Christine wrote at 05:33 PM in Geek Love :: Return For More :: Talk Back (7) :: It’s All About Real Estate…Religion is not normally a topic that I discuss here, but it’s been on my mind today. More on the priest issue I posted about earlier. Marriage of Faith is an article about priests who have left their priesthood to become married. I came across it as I was looking for information to back up what I learned a few years ago – priests don’t get married because the Church, which owned so much of the world in the middle ages, didn’t want the property left in a will to someone’s family.

From the article:”39 Popes Were Married” and ”St. Peter Was a Married Priest.” Here’s what the organization wants people to know: that prior to the year 1139, popes, bishops, and priests were married. That Catholic priests in the Eastern rites, such as Ukrainians, Romanians, and Armenians, are allowed to marry. That many priests who have served for decades are cut off with no pension after they marry. That the Catholic Church changed the celibacy law in the 12th century to prevent priests, upon their death, from leaving their homes and land to their families. ”Celibacy,” declares Haggett, ”is all about real estate.

”I learned about this when I was in Germany, visiting places like the Prince Bishop’s Palace in Wurzberg. Note the name … Prince Bishop. The Bishop of the region was also the Prince of the region. If you follow the link and look at the frescos painted on the ceiling, they are paintings of the Bishop with his mistress.

The one that bore him something like 12 children. But they were never married …

so when he died, the Church kept the property. Yes, I am glad to be Catholic these days, after Vatican II, but back then I would have been handing Martin Luther the nails to use to hang his thesis on the cathedral door.:: Christine wrote at 04:48 PM in BlahBlahBabble :: Return For More :: Talk Back (2) :: New Photos…

New photographs added to the Pixelog. If you’re using the default skin here, you can see the thumbnails at the top of this page too. More to come later this week.:: Christine wrote at 01:08 PM in Notables :: Return For More :: Talk Back (1) :: Save the Boobies!Shawn’s Avon 3-Day Walk For Breast Cancer is next weekend. I am so impressed by all of the hard work that Shawn has put in training for this 60 mile walk. She is $150 short of her required contribution level.

I’ll be making my donation May 1st. Won’t you help to save the boobies?:: Christine wrote at 10:16 AM in Notables :: Return For More :: Talk Back (1) :: Time for a Change…This NY Times article (subscription required) makes some very good points about what has been going on with the Cardinals in Rome. The quote that sums it up best for me is, “We are angry that these spiritual arbiters are unyielding when the “sins” belong to us, not to them.” The are actually debating over who should be removed from the priesthood based on the number of times that they abused children, depending on the age of the victims and the frequency.

WHY would these things matter? NO. They don’t. They did finally agree on a “one-grope-and-you’re-out” policy, but that could be watered down at the Bishop’s conference this summer.

Let’s get this straight. Until I get an annulment, the Church won’t allow me to remarry. I also don’t follow the Vatican’s terms about birth control. So my sins here are to have married & divorced and to take pills so I don’t get pregnant (or just to keep my hormones at an even level.

) If I remarry without an annulment, the Church will consider that wrong, they won’t recognize it, and I won’t be allowed to participate in the sacraments such as Communion. But we’re not tossing the known child-abusing priests out? We will allow them to stay in their positions, performing the sacraments? Isn’t that a thousand times worse them me participating in them? What is wrong with this picture?It’s time to allow priests to be married. I strongly believe that if there wasn’t such a shortage of priests they would be responding to this in the way that they should be. Regardless, it’s time to purge the corruption from the alter and excommunicate the priests involved in this horrendous crime. Now.:: Christine wrote at 09:43 AM in BlahBlahBabble :: Return For More :: Talk Back (2) :: It Got Lost in the Translation.

..Thought I would test out Lost in Translation to see what happened.Original English Text:To make a short story long..

.Translated to French:Pour rendre une histoire courte longue…

Translated back to English:To make a history short long… Translated to German:Einen Geschichte KurzschluSs lang bilden.

.. Translated back to English:History a short-circuit long form.

.. Translated to Italian:Storia un questionario lungo di cortocircuito… Translated back to English:History a long questionnaire of short circuit.

.. Translated to Portuguese:History um questionario longo do circuito curto.

.. Translated back to English:History a long questionnaire of the short circuit..

. Translated to Spanish:Historia un cuestionario largo del circuito corto… Translated back to English:History a long questionnaire of the short circuit.

.. Maybe I messed it up by not using a complete sentence – but that is worse then the results of the telephone game you played as a kid! via Pamela:: Christine wrote at 12:43 AM in Amuse Me :: Return For More :: Talk Back (3) :: More Changes…

I have modified the random link generator in the sidebar of the default template (the one with the Pixelog photos at the top) so that they now display in alphabetical order. Many thanks to Jennifer for her help over at ScriptyGoddess to get this done.I have also added a klip for this site with Adam’s code and icon. It’s over in the sidebar now in case you ever want to add it!