How Does Jack Become More And More Embroiled

How Does Jack Become More And More Embroiled Jack, influenced by his family, is becoming more and more like his family. His family is corrupted and when they lead Jack into their problems, Jack, as principled but also corruptible, is gradually led into the world of corruption. Samantha. She steals and she thinks its all right as long as her family members do it, its okay. Anita.

She accepts gifts she didnt earn honorably. At the beginning of the play, before he was corrupted, the thought of a member of the family stealing literally shocked him to death. He questions himself, Am I the only person who thinks it (stealing) is wrong? pg24. He thinks bribing is so appalling he said, Id never do that (bribing). Never.

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pg19. Another element he thinks is horrible is blackmail. He says, You wont find me yielding to that sort of blackmail. Hardly ever. pg41.

To show evidence that he does become more and more enmeshed in the world of corruption, he begins to think like a gangster in a mob by saying, moneyto pay Mr.HoughCliffs my protection. He now thinks and acts like a mobster, since most triad leaders often have bodyguards. By analyzing this quotation, A bonus would be in order. A cash bonus. pg66, it seems like Jack is using money to solve his problems. On pg80, he says, Anitas got some friends wholl get rid of him.

The fact that he said he would get someone to kill somebody is already proof that as he gets more and more involved with his family, he grows more and more corrupted. At the beginning, I never would have thought Jack would be the godfather to the family, since he was the most righteous person. Jacks line of morality shifts away from him as he continues to traffic with his familys business. The boundaries have been reduced and there is no telling the limits that would be set. This is because Jack had been improvising the whole time and he would jeopardize his reputation for the sake of his family.

In conclusion to this essay, I would say the involvement with his corrupted family has brought Jack to shift his boundary lines so far away from him he doesnt notice exactly how much the difference is.