Hitler Asked You To Electrocute A Stranger, Would

You?IF HITLER ASKED YOU TO ELECTROCUTE A STRANGER, WOULD YOU?Firstly, lets take a moment to look as Adolf Hitler.

To some, he was a great leader, but to others he was a murdered. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party, and was to dictator of Germany. He ordered to have millions of Jewish people to be murdered, or to be thrown in prisons. Hitler believed that Germans were superior to humanity and he wanted to keep Germany pure. Hitler believed that the Jewish and Czechoslovakians were the evils of the world.

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Moreover, Jewish people in Germany were declared to have lesser rights than any other citizen. Thousands of the Jewish people decided to leave their homes. The Jewish people who stayed were forced into concentration camps and needed official permission to accept work, move, or even travel.Getting back to the question at hand.

If Hitler ordered me to electrocute a stranger, would I comply? I emphasized ordered because that was the way that he ran things. He would not have asked. I would not comply because he and I have many different points of view. I would not matter if it were a stranger, or my next door neighbor. If he were here in America during this day and age, he would be a total racist. He would in all essence be asking be to electrocute my people. I would rather die than participate in such ahorrible act.

In conclusion, Adolf Hitler was a man filled with intense anger, killed millions, of Jewish people. Through Hitlers eyes, these people were an inferior race. Hitler desired to create a pure, race, white skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. I could not live with myself and participate in such an act. It is sad that he organized followers to destroy so many innocent lives to design what is not possible.Ethics Essays