Hate Crimes

.. erve Thien Minh Ly’s name in order to remind others that no one is safe in the U.S while ignorance and racial hate run rampant. WE must strive to become more aware of the dangers facing Asain-Americans in present day American society and educate others that all our cultures are beautiful. WE must cry out that a tragedy such as this could happen and work to teach everyone to respect all of humanity. These kind of hate crimes and unjustified and unreasonable.

For instance, when Gunner said that he killed a jap, it makes me so sick. The absolute carelessness of just casually saying it in a letter is just decussating! And the thought that he didnt even care that it was a human being that he killed makes me feel embarrassed to belong to the human race. For one person to do such a horrible thing and not think twice about what he just did is appalling. Billage Newsletter Hate Crimes in Ottawa By Josie Newman-Provost January 5, 1999 Several civil rights organizations, including the Catholic Civil Rights League, have received a promise from the head of the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police hate crimes unit that he will suggest the Crown Attorney’s office lay a charge of public incitement of hatred in relation to offensive articles an Ottawa writer had published in two Ottawa-area alternative newspapers. The December 23 edition of Ottawa X Press featured a front page cover of a partially bare-breasted image of the Virgin Mary, while the inside of the magazine described the image as depicting the idea of the whore and the saint.

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The newspaper is distributed all over the Ottawa region where it can be picked up by anyone, even children. Capital Xtra, the second alternative newspaper, referred to Christ as a queer and published an article by Andrew Griffin, the writer in question, which described his support for an art exhibit which included a large photocopy of a crucified Jesus-pig with a real blood-dripping beef heart nailed to it. In another Ottawa X Press article, Griffin described Mother Teresa of Calcutta as a witch, hypocrite, old hag, and Albanian rubbish, and, in Capital Xtra, called Pope John Paul 11 His arseholishness Pope John Paul 11. Robert Eady, who works for the Catholic Civil Rights League in Ottawa, was accompanied by representatives from the Canadian Family Action Coalition, Human Life International and Women for Life, Faith and Family to his recent meeting with Sgt. Patrick Callahan. All of us, including a couple of others who couldn’t make it, are committed to having a charge laid to stamp out this kind of crime against Catholicism and Christianity.

The absolute filth of what’s contained in these articles is unbelievable,Eady said. In Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada, it states that everyone who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against an identifiable group is guilty of (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction. If a Jew or a Muslim were spoken about in this fashion, the person who said such things would be charged immediately and it would be all over the media, said Eady. It’s outrageous that crimes against Christianity so often go unnoticed. Eady has been fighting hate crimes for a few years now.

In 1994, he received three obscene, threatening hate phone calls from an anonymous caller. These were placed after he’d sent a complaint to the secretary-general of the CRTC regarding something the hosts of Defiant Voices, a show aired on Ottawa radio station CKCU, had sent him. It was a CD cover with artwork that suggested Christian fundamentalists have the lifecycle of insects. Crime is for the ignorant. If you are uneducated, you will turn to crime. The Ottawa Citizen Crime isnt black and white Randall Denley Thursday, July 28, 1999 Ottawa police are swamped in their attempts to stem a wave of crime that ranges from fraud, to dealing drugs, to murder.

There’s one common thread in all of this, says Ottawa Police Chief Brian Ford. In each case, the criminals are white. While statistics on crime are not recorded by race, Ottawa police estimate that fully 90 per cent of crimes committed locally are by whites. Police are calling for the hiring of more white officers, to help them better understand the customs of the white criminals. Ford, who is white, is frank about the racial element in the crime spree. Some of these families have been in Canada for generations.

The scary part is, the criminals look just like you or me. Police sources say that white criminals often wear sports gear or even business suits, but there is no distinctive dress code that could alert potential victims to the presence of a white criminal. Spokesmen for local whites were shocked by the numbers, but defensive.Jacquelin Holzman is a member of Ottawa City Council, an all white group that is believed to exert considerable influence within the white community. She goes by the street name The Mayor.Certainly the white people I know are the exception here, Holzman said. Land developers, lobbyists, people like that.

All fine citizens. We sometimes forget about them when the media write another story about white crime.” The figures on white crime are stunning, spectacular, stupendous” said Counsellor Richard Cannings. Cannings, who is white, is proposing a series of one-way streets and road closings to keep white criminals out of his ward. Some criminologists question whether race is the dominating factor in determining criminal activity, pointing to poverty and lack of jobs. If government could find a way to put white people to work, many wouldn’t need to turn to crime, says Prof. John Smith.

Spokesmen for Canada’s native peoples were relieved that the white crime problem has finally been brought out into the open. We want genealogical testing done on these people so they can be deported to their homelands. Let England and Ireland deal with their own problems, said one. Sounds silly when you put it that way doesn’t it? Almost as silly as having too seriously discuss the notion that because some blacks are criminals, all blacks are no good. We have read in the last few days about Jamaican posses, the latest ethnic crime threat.

Now Jamaican-Canadians have to defend themselves again. Like when Ben Johnson, the famous Canadian runner became a Jamaican again after he used steroids. Like when Clinton Gayle, accused of murdering a Toronto police officer, became a Jamaican although he has lived in this country since he was eight. One has to feel sorry for Jamaican-Canadians coping with the exaggerated publicity and no doubt fearing the white crime wave too. Bibliography already cited Social Issues.