Harmful effects of being stere

As we live in society today that tends to claasify people in gruops, which they seem closest to is call stereotyping. Stereotyping is an everyday habit for many people. One might say that to stereotype is just a harmless classification of charateristics of a certain person, but has anyone stopped to think what effect ti has on the person who is being stereotyped. For example, stereotyping overweight people ca cause harmful effects such as emotional stress and low self-esteem.

when we stereotype overweight people, it is possiple that we are causing them emotional stress. For example, when someone says “Hey, fatso!” referring to htem in a degrading manner, it undoutedly casues them to feel less than normal compared to their peers. They also feel bad about themsefves being overweight, unless they do not care about how they look or what people think about them, or if they have above average confidence in themselves.

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Stereotyping overweight people can also causes them in low self-esteem by making them feel inadequate. Feeling inadequate caseus them to feel as though ther is no to overcome their plight without a ong term plan, which may not be possible for them as they may have already tried to no avail. For example, I have a cousin; she is a little bit overweight for her age. One day, she was eating and her toher cousin called her “Pig”. She got really mad and did not talk to him for a week. She felt sad about it and tried to go on a diet, which is hard for her. She would not eat anything for a couple days. Sometimes they feel really depressed aobut what people say about them.

Low self-esteem can cause emotional stress. Emotional stress can cause low self-esteem, which only perpetuates adn compounds their problem. Therefore, one should always consider the feeling of others before thoughtlessly stereotypin goverweight people.