Handel George Frederick Handel was a great musician of the Baroque Period. Handel was born in 1685. He lived most of his younger life in Halle, Germany. Georges birthday was on February 23rd, and then was baptized the next day.

On October 6th, 1687, Handels first sister was born.Her name was Dorothea Sophia Handel. On January 10th, 1690, Handels second sister was born. Her name was Johanna Christina Handel. When Handel was older, (about twelve) his father died at the age of seventy-five.

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A few years after this death, Handel started college at the University of Halle studying law.At this time, George Handel started to find his nick for music and composing. Handel would not become very famous though until he moved to Hamburg and London.

In the year 1703, Handel abandons his study of law at the university and moves to Hamburg. While in Hamburg, Handel starts playing the violin under the watchful eye of Keisler. In the next few years, Handel makes many close friendships with other musicians.Now this is the time when Handel starts in heavily on writing plays and operas. Handel has written many operas.

Some of his more famous operas are Israel in Egypt, Jephtha, Messiah, Water Dance, The Heroick, Mr. Handel, and Teseo. George Handel has been known as one of the best composers in the world.He was known as a great organist and harpsichord player.

He was also known to have an explosive temperment. Handel has a simple view towards life and faith. Handel also has been given credit for changing Italian Opera to a very popular event.

There will probably never be any man that is as great or as well known for their composing and musical ability.