Hamlet Hamlet, the prince of Denmark was very upset by his father’s death, in the battle with the Norwegians. Then, Claudius, prince Hamlet’s uncle became the king and married Queen Gertrude. Once, when prince Hamlet and his best friend Horatio were having a chat, the spirit of King Hamlet who was murdered on the battle with Norwegians, came and told them that Claudius was the real murderer of him. He poisoned him to death. Proving this was a difficult task. Prince Hamlet thought of an idea; he asked some players to perform “The murder of Gonzalo” which related to the murder of king Hamlet.

While watching the murder of the king in the play Claudius shouted with fear and anger. This convinced prince Hamlet about his father’s murder. Claudius was very scared and to take revenge with prince Hamlet, he organized a fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes, a counselor’s son. Laertes was using poisoned sword and the drinking water meant for Hamlet was also poisoned. In the match the queen die by drinking the poisoned water and Laertes, Claudius and Hamlet died by being stabbed by the poisoned sword.

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Now, Horatio became the new king of Denmark. REVIEW I didn’t like the story much because of the bad ending of the story. The antagonist as well as the protagonist died, which made the story very dull. The part I hated the most was the ending, when every one died by being stabbed by the poisoned sword. MAIN CHARACTER The main character in this story is Prince Hamlet of Denmark.

I liked him because of the intelligence. He was so determined to find out the proof of the murder of King Hamlet. Buy anyway, he died at last which made me feel sorry for him.

Hamlet 3

Hamlet 3 Hamlet identifies with an adolescent of the 1990s more than he does with the youth of his own time. Hamlet is immature, sarcastic, and takes action during the heat of passion which is very much like the behavior of the youth in the 1990s.

Love, control over action, and the ability to overcome depression are just a few ways to prove maturity. It is obvious Hamlet loves Ophelia in his own way . . .the celestial and my souls idol, the most beautified Ophelia . . . (Hamlet.

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II, ii, 109- 110), but his way is not mature enough to include trust toward his lover.The trust that Hamlet should have given her was the key of his madness. This madness that Hamlet cannot trust his love with is the same madness that he loses total control over because of his immaturity; it then causes him to do things, such as kill Polonius, that a person that was mature could stop. The madness that Hamlet assumes is understandable but he can never get over the actual death of his father by still wearing black a year later, and the hasty marriage of his mother to Claudius. Compared to Horatio who is calm and cool throughout the play, and Fortinbras who collected an army to fight for his uncles land and honor, Hamlets maturity level for his time is low, especially for being a prince. Today Hamlets age group is more immature than during his own time so he relates to the youth of the 1990s better than he does with the adolescents of his own time. Sarcasm, and blunt rudeness is often used by Hamlet in order to offend people that, during his time, he should not have offended.

Hamlet often used the hasty marriage of his mother to offend Claudius.The first time that Hamlet offends Claudius in the company of another person is when Claudius is supposed to be helping cheer Hamlet up. A little more than kin, and less than kind.

(Hamlet. I, ii, 65) is just as rude during Hamlets time as almost anything that a person could say today, it just takes a little thinking for the people of today to get what Hamlet means. The second person that Hamlet is openly rude to is Polonius. Hamlet, in front of Claudius and Gertrude, insults Polonius by calling him .

. . a fishmonger. (Hamlet. II, ii, 174) This is not the only way that Hamlet offended Polonius.Hamlet offended Polonius by insulting his daughter.

Hamlet is crude in his own day by asking Ophelia Lady, shall I lie in your lap? (Hamlet. III, ii, 115) What is strange about Hamlets ability to use his mouth is that the youth of today is able to use the same kinds of sarcasm and rudeness effectively, just as Hamlet does, but with Hamlets political position he should not have offended the people such as his stepfather. Being radical and acting on impulse is something that Hamlet had to use in order to get his work finished. Hamlet, having a hard time getting revenge, applied his anger from the judgment of his mother to kill who he thought was Claudius. Hamlet also needed to be on his own deathbed in order to finally get angry enough to kill Claudius.The way that Hamlet uses his anger to take action is very much like the youth today in the fact that if someone has a problem with log cutting, for example, they hold protests and take action against that problem.

The second way that Hamlet is extreme is when he goes with the ghost that looks like his father even though his friends warn him that the ghost may be evil and . . .tempt you toward the flood . ..

Or to the dreadful summit of the cliff . . . (Hamlet. I, iv, 69-70).

If the prince was thinking right he would not have gone with the ghost that resembled the old . . . King, father, royal Dane . .. (Hamlet.

I, iv, 45) Hamlets radical actions do not just prove that he is immature but also proves that he needs action from outside sources in order to get a reaction from himself. This is just like the youth of the 1990s in the respect that if something is wrong, such as the cutting of an old growth forest, then they usually act against it in dramatic ways. An immature, mouthy, extremist is what adolescents of the 1990s are compared to the youth of Hamlets time. The inability to love maturely, rudeness towards authority, and reacting to anger is what the youth of the 1990s and Hamlet have in common.Hamlet would have a much easier time living during these times than his own.

Hamlets immaturity, rudeness, and radical behavior is just like todays youth and that is the insight that Hamlet has towards the youth of the 1990s.


The Member Of The Wedding and The Catcher The Rye are both similar novels in the way adolescents want to belong to a group of people but there is one major difference. Frankie is looking to grow up so that she can fit in with the people around her while Holden wants to avoid adulthood completely as he sees the adult world as being false and corruptible. In Member Of The Wedding Frankie feels like she doesnt fit in to a childs world. This is due to a number of reasons. She wishes now to belong to a more adult society.Frankie feels alienated from the rest of her friends. When they play underneath the arbour Frankie doesnt fit because she is too tall.

She resents this and sees her friends as ugly screaming kids. Frankie attempts to befriend the older girls but they say she smells and when they talk about sex Frankie doesnt understand referring to this as nasty lies. Here we see Frankie excluded from the adult world that she desires to belong to.Frankie also feels excluded from her family. Her father wont allow her to sleep in the same bed as him anymore. He says that she is too big now.

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He is rarely at home and when he is he hardly speaks to Frankie. She attempts to converse with him but he just grunts at her. Eventually when he does talk to her he doesnt say much. After the wedding he shows a lack of understanding towards his daughter. She needs him but he tells her to wait until they are at home because then he will punish her for her behaviour. Berenice is the mother figure in her life but she returns to her own home and family in the evening.

She feels excluded from Jarvis and Janice too because when they arrive home for a few days they invite Frankies father but not her. She feels this isnt very fair as she is also part of the family. This heightens Frankies isolation and also heightens her desire to belong to a group.Frankie wants to belong to the navy and then decides to give blood to the Red Cross. She is refused on both accounts because she is too young. She thinks the freaks and criminals are trying to make eye contact with her so she can join their group but Frankie does not want that.

These are images of isolation. She also tries to form a group with the soldier. We know she is not ready for adulthood as she is not mature enough when she says that he was talking double talk. Frankie decides to join the wedding group with Jarvis and Janice. She even changes her name to F.

Jasmine to make it similar to their names. She now starts to feel a connection with humanity. The feelings of alienation melt away but return after the wedding. She quickly realises that she is not a member of anything and feels crushed.We see that the adult world excludes Frankie time and time again. The final straw is after the wedding.

She realises that she was being foolish and develops a degree of insensitivity. She now has a new friend Mary. They have many interests in common such as poetry and art. She now forms her own club and learns to exclude people like Bernice and feels like she is beginning to belong.

If this degree of insensitivity is developed further Frankie will have no problems joining adulthoodIn the novel The Catcher In The Rye Holden Caulfield has the desire to belong to childhood. He sees the adults in this world as phony and therefore does not want to turn in to one. Holden has many options to deal with this problem.One option would be for him to give in and step in to adulthood and live the life of a phony. He doesnt really see himself doing this however as it would be going against what he believed in. Another option for him would be to become an adult and devise some career to be a catcher in the rye. He could also reject the world completely and become a monk.

He dismisses this idea, as he does not look on religion too favourably. Death and suicide is his main option. It hovers over him all the time. If he were to die he would never become an adult and therefore stay as an eternal child. This is what happened to his brother Allie, who died from leukemia.

He has been freeze framed forever. He will always be a child because death prevented him from falling over the cliff to adulthood. At Elkton Hills, Holdens old school James Castle took the option of suicide when he threw himself out of a window after a boy had fought with him. Holden was close to committing suicide himself to get away from it all after his confrontation with Maurice but decided against it because of all the people that would be watching him and all the commotion it would cause. I didnt want a bunch of rubbernecks looking at me when I was all glory.The main reason Holden does not want to have sex is because losing his virginity will have meant that he has left his childhood and moved in to adulthood. This is the reason why he is so upset after Stradlater told him that he made time with Jane Gallagher.

If this is true then he has not just lost Jane to Stradlater but to adulthood. It is no surprise that the people Holden likes are the children mentioned in the novel. He has a great admiration for Allie and also mentions his fondness of James Castle whom he hardly knew. This is because they will always be children, as they never made it to adulthood. Holden is also extremely fond of his sister Phoebe.

When Holden sees her sleeping he remarks that she like all children look all right sleeping while adults look lousy when theyre asleep. Apart from Phoebe Jane is the only living person he had a good relationship with but he is afraid to get in contact with her now, as their relationship cannot be from one child to another anymore. Despite not making the leap in to adulthood himself, he is afraid that she has after her relationship with Stradlater.

Of the adults, Holden looked on Mr. Antillini as one of the better ones. Mr. Antillini is friendly and understanding in relation to his views and gives him good advice. He becomes a role model and gives belief to Holden that there is goodness in the adult world. However this hope is all spoiled when Holden is woken with Mr. Antillini rubbing him on his head. Holden believes that he was trying to exploit him.

In his eyes the man he believed to be the catcher in the rye turns out to be a phony like every other adult.There are many symbols and metaphors in the novel, which Holden relates to childhood. He sees that he is changing and compares that to the museum that has stayed the same over the years. He wants things to be eternally fixed, like the statues of Indians and Eskimos in the museum. The pond is a metaphor of where Holden is in his life. It is partly frozen and partly not frozen, like Holden who is in a transitional stage. He is not a child anymore but is not quite an adult either.

Holden is convinced that somewhere in society there is some good. He has hope that good kids can grow up and become good adults too. It is this search for goodness and incorruption, which makes the novel. He looks for a role model to become a catcher in the rye before children fall over the cliff in to crazy adulthood but needs somebody to catch him first. The novel ends sadly with Holden having a nervous breakdown as he fails to find any goodness in the world and is unable to take that step in to adulthood.Both Holden and Frankie achieve their desire to belong with varying success. Frankie seems like she is beginning to belong to a more adult world as she is maturing and will eventually make the step to adulthood.

Holdens task differs in that he is trying to avoid the inevitability of adulthood which we must all face up to.Words/ Pages : 1,468 / 24


Hamlet The humor in both of the plays is something that makes the reader think deeper than what is actually there. The humor in Hamlet is his dramatic behavior and the whole idea of Old King Hamlet returning to Hamlet as a ghost. The humor plays tricks with the readers mind because it makes him/her think if what is being described is actually happening in the plays. The question of the ghost being a figment of Hamlets imagination and if Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were really dead were often reflected upon. Tom Stoppard played word games such as verbal volleyball not only to create questioning, but also to make fun of the characters and adding humor to the play. The whole issue behind Rosencrantz and Guildenstern was that they had an identity crisis and in a slap stick sort of way, it became one of the main themes throughout the play.Heads. he picks it up and puts it into his bag.

This process is repeated. Heads. Again.Heads. Again. Heads. This is an example of the use of absurd comedy. It is a bunch of nonsense which the author makes humorous.

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A simple task such as flipping a coin, turns into an ongoing event through the course of the story.In Hamlet, the humor is not as direct as it is in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Hamlets dramatic behavior and his multiple personality is what creates the vague humor. The humor in this play is whether Hamlet is insane and seeing ghosts or if he is withholding the truth of what actually caused his fathers death.

The humor also comes in during the production of his play, Mouse Trap. The whole play is a comedic version of his actual life.This not only plays the role in humor, but also in revealing the truth about Old King Hamlet.


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