Gun Control

Gun Control I Introduction A The place is a New York. The time is late at night. A man is walking alone on the sidewalk. A car slows down next to the man. The drive opens the widow, pulls out a gun and open fires.B This is an all too similar scene in big cities across the US.

People shooting people for absolutely no reason or some stupid reason that could have been easily discussed. Gun Control is a necessity in controlling crime. However normal people should be able to own guns II Explanation A What is gun control 1 government can/should regulate the sale, possession of any firearm. B Crime 1 crime can happen anywhere in the US. There are some things being done on this problem.Lets keep the guns out of the criminal hands and keep them in the normal people’s hand C Brady Bill 1 This is a bill that prevents people with a criminal record of purchasing a gun. 2 7 day waiting period before the purchase of a firearm 3 Background check 4 No criminals or people with a mental illness are prohibited.

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5 20,000 laws in the federal, state and local sale distribution and use of firearms 6 200 million firearms in the US D Gun Control Strategies 1 Place and manner strategies a Prohibit guns in city limits, vehicles, and concealed weapons. 2 Stiffer penalties for firearm violence a reduces gun crime by making punishments so sever that potential criminals either won’t commit without the use of a gun or won’t commit crime at all 3 Prohibiting high-risk groups from owning guns a prohibit criminals, the young, drug addicts, people with mental illness b if they own a gun they get stiff penalties. c in today’s law system the purchaser need not to provide evidence that they belong in that class.Most homicidal people qualify for gun ownership.

4 Permission licensing a must have license to buy a gun or application with waiting time. b advantage must prove to qualify disadvantage imposes cost and inconvience c prohibit high risk groups from qualifying 5 registration a every gun is registered under a particular licensed owner. Requires owner to give info about the gun and themselves. b this law is questionable.

Criminals can still get guns 6 Cutting down on handguns a the only people that can own handguns are for special need like police, must give reason b small easy to conceal c When guns are criminal, only criminals will have guns. d criminals will switch to long guns. They are harder to conceal and easier to spot. e reduce accidental homicides f They is the question How many handguns to get rid of? g 640,000 people a year are faced with handgun violence. 90,000 incurred 20,000 dead h 1988 65-70 million 1962 24-29 million i states with stricter handgun laws have lower suicide rates 7 Self defense a In the last 30 yrs.

Almost 3500 cases were cited where armed citizens successfully prevented a crime. National Rifle Association b 5,285 lawbreakers 19% killed 22% wounded 34% arrested 25% forced to flee the scene by armed citizens c people own guns for defensive reasons are reluctant to emotionally commit themselves to using it because the thought of doing it is so repulsive and barbaric If actually needed in a defensive situation, the owner may find him/herself unable to use the firearm for either physical or psychological reasons and maybe disarmed and have the weapon used against themselves people must how to use complex guns.Practice how to use them. If you keep a gun in your house, you are five times more likely to harm someone in your own family than an intruder E My Opnion 1 Guns or no guns even if all of these strategies were implemented there would still be crime. If someone wants a gun bad enough they will get it. Most likely illegally. Laws can and will stop some of the crime.

It will be worth it if the laws can stop just one crime. Most people don’t commit crimes. Normal people should be able to own guns for hunting and other nonviolent reasons. III Conclusion 1 Violence will always be here.

It shouldn’t be with guns.Guns + criminals=violent crimes. Lets make the us safe with gun control laws. Legal Issues Essays.