Gun Control

Gun Control Gun Control In today’s society, one of the major problems we face is the use, and misuse of guns.

Guns are deadly weapons that can change a person’s life physically and emotionally, mostly when it is not used properly. Many people possess at least one handgun either in purses or in homes for protection, while others own guns for their own pleasure. Despite the fact that a gun can protect a person during self-defense, it can also be dangerous because it can hurt and kill someone.

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If a gun is kept at home, the chance of a person harming a family member other than an intruder, is five times higher (Bender 140). Although it may serve as a protection to an individual, it can also be misused.This is why it should only be limited to the use of authorities such as the government, marines and the police.

Death by guns is very common in America. Sometimes the victims are famous people like Ronald Regan, or President Lincoln. Often the victim is an ordinary citizen such as a relative or friend (Newton 7). This is one reason why the use of guns should only be limited to authorities.Those who own a gun may have purpose, and that is, to protect oneself, while others use it against each other. Owning a gun may save lives during a burglary, but it will also put a lot of people at risk. A person who is alone at night might suspect an intruder roaming around the house and shoots at the suspect, not knowing that it was just a friend.

Guns that are kept at home are often accidentally used against family or friends (Bernards 59). Another way that guns are often used against each other is when violence and arguments get out of hand.A person out of control will not think and pull out a gun to try to solve the problem. More accidents occur when one uses their own handguns than prevention of criminal attack (Bender 140). Owning a gun can also get into the hands of a wrong person. A child might not know that the gun he is holding is real, and might accidentally shoot someone dead. Children often mistaken guns as play things who do not realize their danger (Bernard 60).

In some cases, the uses of guns are not intentionally used against each other, but are used to kill themselves.In 1987, 18,136 male, female and children used a gun to commit suicide (Jacobs 109). Authorities should be the only ones to use a gun because they are trained professionals who have purposes to owning one. In order to handle a gun properly, a person needs to have some knowledge about the weapon. A gun is a sophisticated device that demands education and practice, so that it can be used safely (Bender 140). Police officers are also more responsible and careful when using a gun, than most citizens. The authorities, such as patrol officers, have purposes and reasons to owning a gun.In order to keep the society out of chaos and in control, police officers need guns for personal safety, to be able to arrest a convict and restriction of crime (Jacobs 44).

Police officers also come in contact with danger more often than people. Some people may own a gun for self-defense, instead of protecting themselves; they are adding more danger around them. The joined armed forces, such as the marines, air force, and cops serve as the best safe guard against attackers (Bernard 45).

Limiting the gun ownership to only the authorities will decrease accidents and death rates because when violence occur, a gun is usually involved. The only way to reduce crime is to make guns unavailable to the public (Newton 46). By passing a law that will eliminate guns to citizens, murderers and robbers will have a have a harder time committing crimes Guns are also the main reason among children and teenager deaths.If guns were made illegal, the public will be living in a much more safer environment, and children will be able to grow up caring, not hating each other.

In today’s news, most of the homicides are due to the improper use of a gun, and those who suffer are the innocents. Decreasing the number of guns will also decrease the homicides that occur through accidental weapon use, or the use of weapon to stop an argument (Bernard 54). Sometimes when arguments happen, no one will know when a weapon will be used. If guns were made illegal to citizens, such incidents won’t occur.One of the major reasons why Los Angeles has the most death rates is due to the use of guns. The society may not realize that even though guns are used for self-defense they are putting other lives at risk. By limiting the use of a weapon to only the authorities, it will help eliminate the danger and will make people think twice about committing a crime.

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