Greenhousing the Wrong Way

By Andy & LukeExactly what is the “Greenhouse Effect?”The “Greenhouse Effect” is the common name given to global warming. Theeffect is named so due to its similarities to the function of a greenhouse. Heat from the sun is allowed into our atmosphere, and then bounces off of theEarth and heads back out to space. But now that we have a wall of CarbonDioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and CFC’s, the sun’s heat rays bounce backtowards the Earth. The continuous burning of fossil fuels and the rain forestsis causing excess amounts of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere.Carbon dioxide acts as the walls of a greenhouse that encompasses thewhole world, trapping heat into the atmosphere. The thickening of the blanketis causing more heat to be trapped resulting in the warming of the earth. Onegreat example of the Greenhouse Effect is the planet Venus.

Venus’s atmospherehad a thick layer of CO2, giving the planet’s surface a temperature warm enoughto melt lead. So What Does All This “Greenhouse” Stuff Have To Do With Me?As the temperatures rise, the waters get warmer and begin the meltingprocess of the polar ice caps (Popular Science).Long term predictions of Global warming say that the melting of thepolar ice caps will continue causing ocean waters to rise, resulting in massivecoastal flooding of major cities such as Los Angeles and Miami.If the next century’s warming stays at a low end of estimates, theconsequences are likely to be mild. But if warming reaches the middle or topestimates, we are likely to see such things as more frequent and more intenseheat waves, increased flooding, and droughts in different areas. Not to mentionthe 60,000,000 migrants that would be caused if only 1% of our future populationhad to seek higher ground.This many migrants would help to further ouralready crowded cities, and take more jobs and require health care.

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Diseasessuch as malaria and other insect borne ailments will have an expanded range ifthe tropics continue to warm. If conditions change faster than species canadapt, many, many, many animals will become extinct (World Book). So What Am ISupposed To About All These Man Made Disasters?Become knowledgeable about the subject of global warming. Recognizethat global warming may worsen and prepare yourself and others for it. Helpinform others of the problem, and write letters to large companies and yourgovernment. Lots of people don’t even know about global warming, and most thatdo are underestimating its possible effect.

Renew the search for safe andclean alternatives to fossil fuels and alternatives to transportation (GlobalClimate Change). The most important thing you can do is care enough to try tomake a difference.Works Cited”Turning up the Heat”, Popular Science, October 1989, p.53Whitmore, Susan C., Global Climate Change and Agricultural Summary, Sept. 1992World Book Encyclopedia, volume G, 1991, p.407