Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Most people hope for their kids to grow up into young gentlemen and ladies. In the book Great Expectation by Charles Dickens you can see this at work. Miss Havisham tries to turn Estella into a lady , and Magwitch tries to turn Pip into a gentlemen. They both use different methods and motives, but still come out with the same results.

Magwitch tries to turn Pip into a gentleman by giving him all of the money he wants and desires. Pip ended up with bad money habits and was in debt. He did become a gentleman though.Miss Havisham turns Estella into a lady by teaching her what she had learned and sending her to schools. This made her a lady, but a cruel one. When Magwitch was going to court with one of his accomplices, he got a longer sentence just because he wasnt a gentleman or well dressed . After he met Pip he decided he wanted to make him a gentleman ,so Pip wouldnt have to go though what Magwitch did.

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MissHavisham was tricked by a man and lost a lot of money. After that she was heartbroken for a long time . Then she turned Estella into a cruel lady ,so she could hurt men. In the end, Pip and Estella ended up kind of the same They were both miserable.. Pip was almost put in to jail because of his debts ,and lived in London with Herbert and his wife.

Estella married Drummle and he treated her very badly .After Drummle died ,she remarried, and had a kid and lived a lonely life. She lost most of what Miss Havisham had given her. In the end Pip and Estella ended up being miserable because of the lessons they had been taught as children.This is how Miss Havisham and Magwitch tried to make Estella and Pip into a gentleman and lady. They unfortunately they didnt succeed and Pip and Estella were scarded for life.

Most parents today hope for their kids to become well mannered adults , but sometimes things go haywire.