Great Expations

.. Herbert Chapter 17 Setting: the first night in london; Pip finds a friend in Herbert Pocket and learns Miss H’s Pip becomes good friends w/ Herbert Pocket ( he was the pale young?story Herbert says that Estella was excessively?gentlemen, Pip had fought long ago) Herbert’s father was Miss H’s?proud and fickle/ Estella was adopted by Miss H Miss? Herbert gives Pip the nickname Handel, after a famous composer ?cousin H’s story- Miss h mother died when she was a baby, and her father spoiled her.

Her father married a cook, and Miss h now had a half brother. The son turned out riotous, extravagant, undutiful-altogether bad. A man pursued Miss H closely and Miss H idolized him.

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He also got great sums of money from her. Herbert’s father warned Miss H of doing to much for this man. She ordered him out of the house. They were set to be married and he wrote a letter to her. She received it in dressing for her marriage at 20 min to 9.From that point on she stopped all of Herbert was a capitalist- an insurer of ships Chapter 18 Setting:?the clocks. Early days in London; We meet the rest of the Pocket family, Drummle, Startop, Mrs. Pocket/Belinda – Drummle/ Old looking young?and the aged parent ?man – Startop/ younger in years and in appearance – Camilla/ Mr.

Pocket’s sister Mr. Jaggers gives pip 20 pounds Chapter 19 Setting: London; Dinner w/ Jaggers, we Molly servant of Jaggers/Strong wrists Chapter 20 Setting:?meet Molly Joe game to visit/ Told Pip Mr. Wopsle left?London; Joe pays pip a visit Pip receives a note to see Miss H Chapter 21 Setting: a return to Satis?church Pip notices? Orlick lets pip in the gate ?house; Miss H, Estella, and Orlick He realizes he loves her?that estella has changed; she is now more beautiful ?Chapter 22 Setting: London and it’s suburb Richmond; a visit w/ Estella Estella is now going to live w/ a widow in Richmond Chapter 23 Setting: Back in After this event biddy? Mrs.

Joe Gargery died ?the village; A sad occasion decides to try and find a job as a teacher Chapter 24 Setting: London and ? It’s Pip 21 b-day ?walworth; One expectation comes true and Pip helps Herbert He is given 55 pounds/ Then pip talks to wemmick about what to do w/ this money Pip decides to go to Walworth Chapter 25 Setting: Richmond and Satis House;? ? Estella was placed w/ Mrs. Bradley – in Richmond ?Miss H, Estella, and Drummle Miss h is now very?Estella asks Pip to take her to Satis House, and he does Pip finds out that Estella was set to wreck Miss H’s revenge?fond of Estella Bentley Drummle is given the?on men and that she was not to be given to Pip nickname, “spider” Chapter 26 Setting: one stormy evening in London; a long- Pip was now 23 years old and left the Barnards Inn to live?awaited appearance A visitor surprises?in Temple (collection of apartments and office buildings) The visitor was the?Pip in late night. He was dressed like a voyager/ age 60? The convict is?convict from childhood. His name is Abel Magwitch a.k.

a. Provis the suitor who is paying for Pip’s fortunes, in return for helping him while ago If the convict’s? The convict got rich from sheep- farming in Australia ? return was known in England, he would be put to death.Pip and Herbert agree to ?hide the convict Chapter 27 Setting: London the next day; Pip faces facts While coming up the stairs, Pip fell over something, and that something was a man Chapter 28 Setting: London; Magwitch tells his story and we learn about Provis tells them the story of his life and?Compeyson and a man named Arthur his association w/ a man named compeyson, who had a business of swindling, and When both were tried for felony, Compeyson?forging. He was the other convict had a shorter sentence because of his gentlemen appearance. Magwitch had a Arthur havisham- Miss H’s half brother Chapter 29 Setting:?longer one! Pip visits Miss H and telss of his?Richmond and satin House; Estella’s news Pip professes his love for Estella,? Bently Drummle was @ the house ?discovery Pip does a final protestation?but then after learning she is to marry Bently of his love, and then heads away and back to London Chapter 30 Setting: London Magwitch takes safety @ Clara?and Walworth; Wemmick and Herbert take action They discuss? Mrs.

Wimple- housewife ?Barley’s house, she is Herbert’s fiance an escape plan for Magswitch by boat to a foreign vessel Chapter 32 Setting: Pip dines at a club w/ Jaggers *?London; Dinner w/ Jaggers, more about Molly Molly might be Estella’s mom Chapter 33 Setting: stais House, the next day: Pip While @ Miss H house Miss H’s clothes catch on?pays his last call to Miss H fire: Pip saves her from burning, but she will later die Chapter 35 Setting: Pip receives a letter summoning him to an?back on the marshes; A narrow escape Pip searches around and then?appointment at the old lime- kiln on the marshes Orlick cofesses to Pip that he?orlick appears and puts a noose around Pip He threats Pip that he will kill him?attacked his sister out of hatred for Pip Pip is rescued by Herbert Chapter 36?also and put his remains in the lime-kiln When Pip and Herbert take the boat which they?Setting: London, on the river are taking Magwitch to board a foreign steamer is commanded to stop by an The steamer runs them down, compeyson?officers boat, and inside is Compeyson is drowned, and Magwitch is severely hurt Chapter 37 Setting: London, later: Provis is brought to trial and is convicted. But he is?Picking up the pieces Before the? Pip visits him in the prison hospital ?too ill for imprisonment convict dies pip tells hi that his daughter is still living Chapter 38 Setting: Pip? Pip becomes ill and Joe takes care of him ?London; Pip has a kind nurse Pip decides to?is ashamed of how he acted and is glad to be back to normal pursue biddy Chapter 39 Setting: Back @ the forge: Biddy and Joe and Pip’s plan When he arrives he finds out it’s the wedding day of Joe and?to leave England He is happy and thinks they go good together Chapter 40 Setting: Home?Biddy again: 11 years later; a new pip, a new Estella * Joe paid off Pip’s debts for Estella is? Pip visits Satis House and walks in the garden together ?him widowed and the 2 decide the will not have another parting English Essays.