Geology: A Science of Lies

Geologists have put together a column that is supposed to show all the lifeand the different eras and times in which they existed.

Scientist claim thatthere are several examples of the geologic column found in nature. But there isnot. There are several proofs out there that show that the geologic colunm doesnot exist. Because even Charles Darwin said in his book The Origin Of TheSpeciesGeology assuredly does not reveal any such finely-graduated organic chainTo come to an educated conclusion you must study what science believes.Scientist have come up with what they call a geologic column which is supposedto show all the different geologic periods.Geologic ColumnCenozoic EraQuaternary 1 MenTertiary 74 MammalsMesozoic EraCretaceous 60 ReptilesJurassic 30 &Triassic 40 Flowering PlantsPaleozoic EraPermian 25 Amphibians, Ferns,Pennsylvanian 25 &Mississipian 25 Conifers45 First Land PlantsAnd FishDevonianSilurian 35Ordovician 65 InvertebratesCambrian 80Pre-Cambrian Era1 TO 2 BILLION YEARS AGOEvolutionists say that there are several examples in rock of all thesedifferent eras. But what they tend to ignore is that if fossils for the geologicrecord were assembled together in layers in one location, those layers wouldextend 130 miles into the earths crust.

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The earths crust is only 25-30miles deep.What comes, as a shock to most students of geology, myself included, is thatthe geologic column does not exist anywhere? It is just a paper column. TheGrand Canyon is supposed to be one of the very best examples of the exposedgeologic column. Evolutionists claim that it represents more than a billionyears of life history. But if you were to look at the strata of the GrandCanyon, you would notice that 8 periods are missing.Grand Canyon Strata?????PermianPennsylvanianMississippian???CambrianPrecambrianThat is 325 billion years of missing strata.Another problem that evolutionary geologists have faced is the problem offlip-flopped strata.

By that I mean that there are several places where stratafrom an ancient period will be found on top of the strata of a more recent time.An example for this point is an area in Wyoming near Yellowstone Park. Herethere is a sixty mile long stretch of Paleozoic strata laying on top of Tertiarystrata which is 250 million years younger. According to the geologic column thiswould be impossible. Anouther blatant example of flip- flopped strata is foundin the Swiss Alps on a mountain called Mythen Peak.This chart dramatically illustrates this point.Textbook Arrangement inGeologic Table the Mythen PeakEocene CretaceousPaleoceneCretaceous JurassicJurassic TriassicTriassic EoceneIn Dr.

Walter Lamments says in his article Growing Doubts: Is EvolutionTheory Valid.The actual percentage of areas showing this progressive order from thesimpleto the complex is surprisingly small. Indeed formations with very complexforms of life are found resting directly on the basic granites. Furthermore, Ihave in my own files a list of over 500 casesthat attest to a reverse order, that is simple forms of life resting on topof more advanced types.These instances are very confusing to supporters of evolution. Sir ArchibaldGeikie, Director General of the British Geological Survey, said about the areaswhere the textbook strata are so mixed up.Had these sections been planned for the purpose of deception, they couldhave not been more skillfully devised;and no one coming first to this groundwould suspect that what appears to be a normal stratigraphical sequence is notreally soHow much more proof do you need to show that the geologic column was createdby man on paper and is never shown to be true through actual fossil orgeological evidence?If the geologic time table idea of ancient earth history were true, peoplecould expect to see these following circumstances in the geo-record.1.

The oldest strata would not contain as many life forms as the youngerstrata.2. The earliest types of life will be very simple.3. As the strata went from the lower and oldest strata to the younger upperstrata you would see a clear cut picture of evolutionary development fromprimitive organisms to more advanced organisms.The truth is however is that there is no complete evidence of this. All thefossil record shows us is that all life started in the Cambrian period.

Ifevolutionists were correct there would be a gradual progression into the life ofthe Cambrian period, which there is not. Even Walter Sullivan who is a supporterof evolution stated thatThe entire first part of evolutionary history is missingScientist can not explain the absence of life forms in the Pre-Cambrian era.Another big problem with the geologic column is that science believes thatHomosapiens first appeared in the end of the quaternary period. But if therewere examples of humans living in periods before that time which wouldcompletely discredit the whole idea of the geologic time table. There are suchexamples.1. A fossilized human skull, presumably from the Tertiary Period, wasdiscovered.

The Tertiary period is supposed to predate man by a long time.2. In 1829 a block of marble was discovered outside of Philadelphia.

Thisblock of marble was dated about 60 million years before modern man was supposedto appear. In this block of marble it appeared as some one had carved twoletters which resembled a U and an I. Scientist claim that the age of this blockof marble predated anyone who could carve such letters.3. A report was made of a thimble that was found encased in a lump of coaltaken from 300 feet below the surface. The coal was dated from between theTertiary and the Cretaceous period, which is supposed to be from long before theappearance of man.4.

Evolutionist believe that dinosaurs went extinct 70 million years beforethe appearance of man. But yet several cases have been reported of human tracksfound in the same levels of strata as dinosaur foot prints.5. In Moab, Utah human remains were discovered in Cretaceous rock. TheCretaceous period was supposed to be 100 million years before that time.6. There are several instances of cave drawings of dinosaur type creatures.According to scientist this would be impossible because early humans would havenever had contact with dinosaurs.

I think this would be enough evidences to disprove evolution. But since thereare skeptics out there I have gathered more information to prove my point.Evolutionists say that no advanced mammals lived at the same time asdinosaurs . What I mean by that, is the only mammals that were thought to liveat the same time as dinosaurs were only about the size of a mouse. Dr Hubbardhas discovered, several places where large mammal footprints such as elephantsin the same strata as that of dinosaurs.

So as you can see, the many questions that I have brought up tend to proofthat the geologic column false. There is not even a 50% chance that it is true.I encourage everyone to research what he or she is being taught as fact and makesure that it is factual. You will be surprised to learn that a lot of which istaught, as fact is just a theory that certain people want to believe as truth.Category: Science