The world population problem is both a mixtures of the simple and complex, the logical and the confused. However one thing that is clear is that the population of the world is getting larger, and the increases are not able to continue forever for we all know there are limits to the resources, such as food, water, that are needed to survive human life. Like all living things, people have a need to grow and reproduce and the more people the more feel of need they have to do so, however the rate on which we do so is larger then the rate of which food is grown and supplied. In contrast, the supply of food rises more slowly, because unlike people food doesn’t increase in proportion to the existing rate of food production.

This is what we came to know called the Malthusian relationship which leads to the conclusion that the population will definitely and eventually outgrow the food supply and other needed resources. What is known to lead to after this is famine and mass death unless some plan becomes in affect to limit population growth.One stated population problem is uncontrolled fertility or what is known as the countervailing force. This stated that the death rate, which is decreasing due to medical advances also, brings to more careless increasing birth rates. With peoples less concerns for the health of their babies and the freedom in which to conceive people will inevitably produce children faster than the goods needed to support them. This only proved that the birthrate must be reduced to the point of “zero population growth.” Many ways have already been brought to eye that have been proposed to achieve direct reduction in birthrate vary conservetly.

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Among the ones advanced in the past are: (a) providing people with effective contraception as well as reliable and safe access to abortion facilities with proper education about the value of using them as well as family planning; (b) enforcing laws to prevent couples from producing more than some standard number of children; (c) Holding of food from the people of starving developing countries which have failed to limit their birthrate. However even with the plans and laws to regulate population the population is still growing uncontrollably and ways and time to stop it is running out.Bibliography: