Freedom of speech is granted to United States citi

zens under the firstamendment of the Constitution. Many people, however, seem to feel that this
right is often exercised too freely on television. Whether this is true or not is
a large controversy. Although most people believe in speaking their minds
on television, it is also understood by most people that freedom of speech can
be carried too far, which is kind of ironic because the constitution says that
US Citizens can say whatever theyd like to say when ever theyd like to say

Violence is something that a lot of people have a problem with when
they see it displayed on their television sets. It hasnt been determined if
television causes people to act violently or if violent people watch a lot of
television(Sensational TV 34), but many viewers believe violence is wrong
just the same. Researchers are, however, studying the effect television has on
grown adults. To do this, however, they need to look back to the adults
childhood. Researchers believe that people will see over 100,000 acts of
simulated violence in their childhood(Sensational TV 46).

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The problem with freedom of speech and television isnt only on the
viewers side. The people who are on television have problems also.
On April 16, 1996, Oprah Winfrey said some things on her talk show
about beef that may have lead her audiences to become scared to eat certain
cattle products. Oprah didnt think this was that big of a deal, but realized
her mistake when she was sued for $11 million for causing a decrease in
cattlemens marketing of beef. Oprah won the court case because she hadnt
really done anything wrong. She was simply telling her audience some
simple stories and sharing information about the infamous mad cow
Another incident occurred when an emu rancher in East Texas claimed
that a 1997 television commercial refereed to emus as meat. In the
commercial a man named Joe, who was going to an emu ranch, was told that
emus was the pork of the future. Buckeye Egg Farm is suing because the
commercial says emus is meat, and theyve been accused of repackaging old

All of the problems with freedom of speech on television can be
prevented and controlled. The V-Chip is one thing that is being used to help
control what children see on television. The V-Chip is one of President
Clintons most prized operations. It helps put the remote control back in the
parents hands.

Another solution to the problem is the Childrens Television Act of
1996. This told broadcasters that they needed to be more aware of
childrens educational needs in their programs.

In conclusion, there are many people who are on television on a daily
basis and they need to be responsible for what they say. Although you have
the right to say whatever you want to, you may be harming others when you
say certain things.