First Kiss

First Kiss Linda, why don’t you meet your boy friend today? Oh, Amy, Are you crazy? Meeting a jerk like him right before my birth day is like a nightmare.

But still It’s your 20th birth day. Why don’t you just call him then? My boy friend, John, he has been acting like a jerk since when we were young. He always forgets my birth day and to save money, he didn’t buy me a music tape but always recorded the songs with his own voice.

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One day, he said that he is going to give me present that is really sexy.His offer was good enough to make me feel so happy. I’ve never thought that he would buy me a present like that. But as soon as I opened the box, once again, I realized that he was a real jerk.

He bought me an underwear, which is way too big for me. How could you do this to me?, don’t you even know how to make girls’ happy?, do you think it looks sexy? Oh, I didn’t know it would be too big for you, but you know what?, I think baggy is sexy.Promise me to show yourself with that underwear on later, ok? Haha~ Even though he’s a jerk like that, I had to call him. Being with a jerk is better than being alone on my birthday. Hello? It’s me Who? Who’s this? Gosh, it’s me Linda! Oh, you should have told me your name before. Anyway, why did you call me? Do you want to go to the movies if you have time? No! Why? I don’t want to spend money on watching a movie.

Ok, I’ll pay for you. Now, happy? Ok, I will see you at the theatre at 2:00 I asked my sister for some money and went out to meet that jerk.Linda~~! He was walking toward me with smile. If he wasn’t smiling, I would have almost punched his face. I bought two tickets. What kind of a guy asks a girl to pay? Stupid jerk.

We had some time because the movie starts at 3:30 and suddenly he suggested an idea to kill some time. Linda, do you want to play a game? From now to 3:00, I will hook up a girl, and you hook up a boy, and whoever hooks up faster will get both of the tickets.What do you think of my idea? I didn’t even answer that question and took him to a coffee shop and killed stayed there until the movie starts and we headed to the theatre. Linda, do you want to get some popcorn? Yes! I was so happy. Then go and get some popcorn. Oh, don’t forget to buy a drink! That’s what I just expected. It’s impossible for him to have money and even though he has money, he’s not that kind of person who would spend money on girls.

The movie was sad enough to make me sob. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise. John was crying very loudly. Because he was crying so hard and loud, people started to laugh at him.

So at the saddest point is the movie, people was laughing instead of sobbing. After we watched the movie, he asked me to play a pool with him.Oh, god, he will probably ask me to pay again but I couldn’t say no. At the billiards, I saw this pretty girl, saying hello to John with a very big smile. I was so nervous. How could a girl like that say hello to John? I couldn’t understand it.

How is uncle doing?, John asked her.Of course! How about aunt? Is she doing ok? My parents are not home. They went on a trip. They were cousins. That explains why she was saying hello to him with a big smile on her face.

After we played the pool, I asked him to go to a karaoke bar. Linda, are you gonna pay for me? Oh, god. Don’t you even have some money to spend on your girl friend? Don’t you want to spend some money on me? Damn it.

Ok, I will pay for you. I didn’t like the way of him being a jerk to me. But because it was the first time to go to the karaoke bar with him, I was happy on the other side of my mind. When we entered the karaoke bar, a guy who seems to know John, came to him and wished him a luck. I couldn’t understand why he said that to John.

Are you going to take a driver’s license test? Oh, no. That guy is a little bit crazy. Just ignore what he just said, ok? Anyway, we had a pretty good time in there singing. He was a good singer. We stayed there until 9:00 and he asked me to go to the restaurant.But because I wasn’t hungry, I just told him to go home. When I got home, I took out a diary from my bag to write a diary as usual.

And then I found out that it was not my diary. It was John’s. Because we bought the same diary together when we entered the high school, it’s very hard to distinguish whether it’s my diary or his.I called him and told him that I will go to his place to get my diary back.

On the way to John’s home, I opened his diary to see what he has written and then I found out that he is going to take a trip to the United States for about 7 months. I got angry. He should have told me that he going to take a trip. Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!, John came out.Don’t you even know how to be polite? You could have pressed the bell just once.

I have my ears right here. What is your problem? Oh, shut up, and here’s your diary. Where is mine? Oh, it’s inside. Come, follow me.

I followed him and it was so dark.Why did you turn all the lights off? Don’t you think it looks cool? By the way, are you planning to take a trip? Oh, yeah, just for a while. Just for a wh …