Feeling about Poverty1

My Contrasting Feelings about Poverty.

Though we deal with poverty everyday, this worldwide
dilemma has failed to be recognized as the critical
and longstanding killer that it is. Being such a
widespread problem, it exists in all countries around
the world. It is so immense of a problem that people
suffering from poverty in countries like Nigeria,
India, and even the United States survive by drinking
and bathing with contaminated water and searching for
leftover food in neighborhood trash cans to feed their
families. The worse sight of poverty, in my opinion,
is when small children come and beg for money. Here in
the United States, poverty is not as dire as in many
other countries; for instance, I’ve seen pregnant
mothers along with other small children beg for money
in the streets of Argentina. That is something that
the people of Argentina have learned to live with, and
from what I saw they never do anything about it. To me
poverty is a big concern, but it is so huge that when
I try to do something about it, I feel useless as if I
I would love for poverty to end or at least for
people to get more involved into the problem and start
clearing poverty in the streets. That is really what
needs to happen because the begging for money and
cleaning windows is not going to make a difference.

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Near my house by a stoplight, there are always people
asking for money, and it is always the same people
that are probably going to use their donations for
cigarettes and beer, not for food like the contributor
had hoped for. Sometimes I’m afraid of opening my car
window to a stranger who is probably a psycho who
wants more money than I’m willing to give. I’ve even
seen small children run away with wallets when someone
is reaching in his or her wallets to give the children
some change. I don’t blame them though. If I had a
family to feed and stealing was the only way I knew
how to, I would do it too. Sometimes I get upset at
those people begging for money because if they really
tried hard, I bet they can find a job and work like
I donate sometimes to charity and give money to
people who ask for it. I’ve even given food to some
people, though I know it was just one person that I
helped out of the millions who also need help. My
father is a general contractor, and he sometimes gives
job opportunities for a couple of days to those who
are in need. He tells me that they don’t even try to
do a good job. So why should we help them so much when
they don’t even intend to help their selves? If I was
poor, I would break into a house, take a shower,
borrow some clothes, and try to get a job. That may be
wrong, but if it’s the only way I can prevail, I will
do it, especially if I have a family. That isn’t how I
feel about all of the people who beg though. I know
that those who are paralyzed with mental problems and
live in poverty really can’t survive on their own.

There is a mental hospital in my neighborhood that
releases its patients to beg for money. I’m pretty
sure that if the police knew this, the hospital will
I know deep inside that those people who wave off
those who beg and don’t donate to charity do care
about poverty, but maybe they are just tired of being
constantly begged and asked for money to see no
change. Sometimes I also feel that way. I feel
comfortable with myself when I help, but then I
realize that I practically did nothing by helping one
person. Many people don’t donate or help people when
they can. I really don’t understand why people don’t
get more involved. There are so many commercials on
T.V. and so many charity groups, and not even half of
the people of the U.S.A. help. I will continue to
donate and help once in a while because I feel so much
pity for those who beg, but I’ll still feel like I
will do nothing to really help with poverty. That is
why to me poverty is such a big concern, but it is so
huge that when I try to do something about it, I feel
useless as if I really did nothing.