Falsettos Cast Marvin ————————– Matthew Scott Whizzer————————- Robert McCaffrey Jason—————————– Kid Trina —————————- Heather Wood Cordelia————————- Renee Klapmeyer Dr. Charlotte ——————- Jessica Dennis Dr.

Mendel ——————— Jon Hack Falsettos Book by William Finn and James Lapine *1st act starts in 1979 *2nd act starts in 1981 The story starts off in 1979 with Marvin and Trina. They are married and have a child Jason, appearing to be a normal family. Marvin discovers that he is gay and starts seeing a psychiatrist. He then meets Whizzer and divorces Trina.Trina then starts to see the psychiatrist, Dr.

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Mendel, with whom she finds caring and understanding in her time of need. Dr. Mendel adores Trina and falls in love with her as they see each other more. Trina doesn’t understand what happened to her family and marriage and has a near breakdown. Marvin tries to make Jason understand this situation and Jason just wishes his parents would stop fighting and get back together.Marvin and Whizzer are together and Dr.

Mendel and Trina start dating. This new relationship seems to be perfect to create a loving family but Trina doubts everything and still doesn’t understand what has gone wrong. Dr. Mendel and Trina get married and Whizzer and Marvin separate because of differences.Whizzer’s a neat freak and Marvin’s unacceptance of losing against Whizzer, especially at racquetball. Marvin is confused and miserable.

Marvin sings to Jason about being a dad and the changes they are going through. In the second act, two years pass by and Marvin is unhappy without Whizzer but too stubborn to go back. Trina and Dr. Mendel are married and preparing for Jason’s Bar Mitzvah annoying Jason about everything and trying to make it perfect. Dr.

Mendel tries to be a good stepfather and acts as the psychiatrist that he is. Cordelia and Dr. Charlotte move in next door and add to the humor. The perfect lesbian couple, Cordelia loves to bake and Dr.

Charlotte is a workaholic.Everyone goes to Jason’s baseball game. Whizzer shows up because Jason asked him to. The whole gang sings about how Jewish boys can’t play baseball. Whizzer tries to help Jason with his batting. After the game, Marvin and Whizzer get back together.

Cordelia and Dr.Charlotte sing of their stressful jobs and relationships and about how much they love each other. Marvin and Whizzer play racquetball like they always used to do.

Whizzer used to win but this time Marvin does. Whizzer collapses and remains sick. Although they never mention it, it is known that he has AIDS. Jason is frustrated because he wants Whizzer at his Bar Mitzvah and his mom is freaking out about preparing for it.

Marvin, Whizzer, Dr.Charlotte, and Cordelia sing about being such unlikely lovers. Jason decides to have his Bar Mitzvah at Whizzers. They enjoy the wonderful food that Cordelia prepares, although they realize that they have made too much. Dr.

Mendel and Trina are happy together.Trina has finally gotten over Marvin’s departure and finds herself deeply upset at Whizzer’s sudden sickness. Whizzer dies and they place rocks on the grave sight out of Jewish tradition.

Marvin sings of his love for Whizzer and he appears as a ghost and they sing together. They play end with the whole cast singing together and then hugging. Science.