Fairy Tale

A voice said: Complete this sequence. One, four, seven, ten Dickie replied, thirteen, sixteen! He thought this wasnt going to be so bad after al it was just a test full of maths, English, science questions, the ones you get in school but was Dickie in for some surprise!
After a few questions on maths the voice then asked, Do you believe in fairies? Dickie wondered at such a strange question! He wondered if it was a trick question or maybe they put it in to see if he said yes so they could say hes crazy and ship him off to a mental hospital! He didnt know what to answer? Realising no answer has been given the voice asked again this time with more of a sharp toning sound from his voice, Do you believe in fairies? Dickie answered, I dont know? He always had believed he saw a fairy when he was 9 but was told by his parents time and time again that they dont exist, Its make believe, dont be silly Fairies why, how, would they exist? Dickies parent would often tell him.

The voice then spoke in a softer tone saying, Have you ever seen a fairy? Dickie instantly thought of the truth potion they gave him coming in, he couldnt lie to them if he had seen a fairy and he was positive he seen one but what to tell them? He took a chance and said, Yes! I have seen one! So that means I do believe in fairies! Fairies exist!
Then suddenly the voice shouted at him, Fairies dont exist! You are just a young child dreaming of things that no one had ever seen! Dont be stupid boy listen to your parents! Dickie could feel a great pressure on his head, he didnt know what it was but it felt like something was piercing its was through his skull! Then he got a thought into his head fairies dont exist. He realises they were brain washing him! He couldnt stand that thinking fairies dont exist after all they are fairies something, which is supposed to be make believe, isnt and he has seen one! So he grabbed his forehead thrust it into his hands and began shouting Fairies do exist! Fairies do exist! Fairies do exist! He was fighting the thoughts! Then he suddenly felt all power leave him and fell silent. He lay on the chair unconscious.

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Then while lying on the chair in a heap he began to awaken to a bright shining light before him! It was bright and pink? He wondered. Why would they shine a pink light at him?
He opened his eyes slowly to find a little tiny person hovering in front of him shining with pink light. The little person had little pink wings, which glittered in the light and were flapping hysterically. It had a little tiny wand and little tiny feet with little tiny shoes. It then hit, Dickie, it was a fairy! He could hardly believe his eyes. He stared and stared pricking himself a few times. Then the fairy spoke, Dickie, I am a fairy called Saturn shimmer, Thank-you for believing in us! You are one of the few people who do! Then she handed him a small silver coin. He took it in his hand a she flew away. He opened his hand and saw there a silver coin with the inscription never stop believing!
Suddenly he woke up to find his parents over-looking him at home. You fainted in their son, said his dad. Must have been all that heat said his mum. Dickie wondered had it al been a dream? Then he looked in his hand and there was the coin. He realised it hadnt been a dream and hed never stop believing!