EXCALIBUR 1) An Epic: An Epic is a large complicated story, or a series of stories that takes place in many places and over a long period of time these stories deal with important world-shattering events that shape mans future. An epic may contain real history, made-up stuff and magical or spiritual stuff. Epics are moral stories that describe the struggles of good and evil. some epics are: The Bible (the greatest) Illiad and the Odessy Ben Hur Clash of the Titans Gone With the Wind. 2) The history: King? Arthur really lived and fought.

The Fantasy and Fiction: Merlin, Excalibur, 3)Uthers Story: Uther is a king that needs the power of Excallibur to hold together the kingdom, so he calls Merlin the magician to help him get the sword Merlin calls the lady of the lake who holds up the sword and Uther gets the sword. Uther then falls in love with Igrane the Dukes wife. Uther kills the Duke and asks Merlin to use his powers to make Igrane love him. Merlin transforms Uther into the form of the Duke and tells him that if Igrane and him have hanky-panky then Merlin keeps the baby. Merlin then carries Uther to Igrane via the Dragons Breath then Uther goes and has hanky-panky with the Dukes wife Igrane who has Uthers baby after that Merlin comes and takes away the baby of Uther and Igrane.

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After a while Uther gets over thrown and runs from the people but they kill him and as he dies he plunges Excalibur into a rock and tells Merlin to hex it so that only someone fit to be future king will be able to pull it out of the stone.