Example of a Personal Statement

Personal Statement
During my years of living, I have experienced many things. Many of which have made me who I am today. Many of the things I have done have caused me to want more in life, to expand not only my knowledge, but also my horizons. In reflecting back on what I have done in life, it shows me that I am well on my way of doing that. I feel as though I am a very determined, hard-working, versatile person who is ready for college and the world. Various factors have caused me feel this way.
My interest in education is the reason I have great confidence in my ability to succeed in the college environment. As a member of the National Honor Society (NHS), I know what hard work is. I have participated in several academically beneficial programs with my school including: NHS, student council, the junior planning committee, and the college excel program. These programs have trained me for the pressures of the real world, forcing me to multitask in order to meet various deadlines. It has allowed me to become a well-rounded person. This will help me in the future with the strains that career may place on me.
The most memorable education experience is my experience with the college excel program. This program made me a student at Devry University where I took computer and electrical engineering classes. This introduced me to the liberal environment that college life brings to the table. Through this program, I started on my potential major, and was placed in a diverse environment. I was placed in an environment where there were high expectations for me, compelling me to go beyond what I thought I could do. This opened my eyes to the fact that I was just as smart, even smarter, than those around me with a “better education”.
I now feel that being in a diverse environment is very important to becoming a complete person. By being around people that are different, instead of those just like us, we are opened up to a completely new world that we may have never known existed. Those different than us can also teach us new things whether it is in life or in class work. I have learned that those of a different race are not that different than those in my own. The differences are only cultural. I now feel that I must go to diverse college and no longer see the sense in a college that has a large majority of just one race.
Helping others is something else that I have also looked high upon. This is why for my service learning hours I chose to help young children with their schoolwork at the Don Nash Community Center. This proved to be a learning experience in itself. It required much patience and perseverance. Even though it was not easy, it was very enjoyable to see a child advance in something that you helped them in. It was very enjoyable to see those children receive good grades on their report cards. Tutoring those children was an experience that I will never forget.

I know that with the things I have done in life that I am ready for the college life. I hope that there will be few roadblocks in my way of reaching my goals. I feel that I am ready to move forward with my life and that I will prosper in it. I will continue to go on the path that I have started making sure that I do not stray from it. I will make sure that I try to the best of my abilities to accomplish all of my goals. If I stay persistent, I know that I will be successful no matter what.
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