Ephesians Bib Lit Don Blosser 3-16-01 Ephesians 2. Vs. 25: Paul begins with Therefore Context is always important Summarize the previous paragraph in one or two sentances, and show how it connects with the new paragraph. Paul is saying that that the way that these people had been living their lives is not the way that they were brought up. Paul is encouraging them to begin a new way of life as a Christian. In the next few paragraphs Paul is suggesting ways to live their new lives as Christians more thoroughly. 3.

Vs. 25: Why is telling the truth so important? Why do people not tell the truth? What should we do when they dont? Ephesians 4:25 say that we should stop telling lies because we are a part of a whole congregation. As Christians we are not independent individuals, we are people who are united through faith to form one body. By lying we deny each other the truth which changes decisions we would make and the way we would act. (Carson 1240) By not telling the truth, we can jeopardize the relationship of the believers.

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(Fee 189) People sometimes do not tell the truth because they are afraid. In the end the consequences of not telling the truth tend to be worse than if someone had told the truth in the first place. Often, this is hard to see, this is what makes telling the truth difficult for many people. When someone doesnt tell the truth, it is good to let him or her know how their decision has hurt people. Sometimes people dont tell the truth because they think that it would be in the best interest of themselves, or someone else, if they withheld, or changed some of the information.

It is important to inform people who lie about the impact of their actions. 4.Vs. 26: Paul says we should be angry. What were you taught a child about anger? Give one or two examples of when we should and shouldnt be angry. What is the danger (sin) in being angry? What are appropriate ways to deal with anger? As a child I was taught that it was okay to be angry or mad sometimes, but it is important to know how to deal with our emotions so that we dont hurt other people. I was told that if we are angry with someone, we should tell that person how we feel and why we fell that way. Then, we should work together to find a solution so that both of us will be happy.

Before we are done we should forgive the person, because we all make mistakes. It is also important to realize our own faults, as well as others. We also learned not to stay angry for too long, holding anger inside builds up, and when it is released, it can be hurtful. Not dealing with our anger is not constructive behavior. Lastly we learned that we dont always have to be angry when something doesnt go our way; it is okay to be frustrated, but sometimes you cant have everything your way. Learning how to adapt and accept others differences will help to avoid feelings of anger and frustration.

It is okay to be angry when someone hurts you or someone else, but do not get angry just because things arent exactly the way you like them, or the way that you are used to. We also learned that you shouldnt get angry when things dont turn out the way you expected. As Stephen Schwartz wrote in Godspell: Don’t forget that when you get to Heaven you’ll be blessed Yes, it’s all for the best.. Sometime things happen that we dont expect, and sometimes it makes us angry, but in the end it is all for the best. Paul is warning us to watch our behavior when we are angry. When Paul says, Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.

He is warning us not to go to bed angry, so we can resolve things before a new day starts. In the West, anger is thought of as a sign of manliness, but in the Jewish culture it is thought of as a divisor and a corrupting power. Anger is socially destructive and it withdraws and comes between people in a congregation. (Carson1240) Throughout the book of Ephesians, Paul emphasizes unity amongst the congregation. 5.

Vs. 28: What is Pauls counsel about why we should work? What should we do with the money we earn from working? How can we determine how much money to spend on out selves and how much to give to the needy? When is enough enough? Christians say that all things that they do should be done in service to Christ. According to Ephesians 4:28, manual labor is good. Jesus was a carpenter, therefor, How could the followers of the carpenter do other than welcome manual work? (Morris 233) Verse 28 also talks about thieves; thieves should stop stealing and work, so that they may have something to share. Its not enough that they stopped stealing, in addition they must do some good.

(Barker 1799) What we earn we should share with those less fortunate, it is enough when we have gone beyond helping ourselves, and have helped others. 6. Vs. 30: How do we grieve the Holy Spirit? What is the seal that marks us? Grieving the Holy Spirit is similar to extinguishing a flame of some sort; when it tells us not to grieve the Holy Spirit it is saying dont put out the spirits fire. (Morris 175) In most Christian religions, baptism is a symbol of rebirth in Christ.

Baptism is also referred to as a seal, or mark of redemption to let the baptized into heaven. 7. 5:1-2 is a very nice summary statement. Paraphrase this in a simple sentence. How can we be imitators of God? Instead of being angry, we should reflect on Gods forgiving character, and the self-sacrificial love of Jesus who died on the cross for us. (Carson 1240) We should forgive those who lie and steal, and also those who make us angry to continue serving God as an impression of the spirit of Jesus here on Earth.

It is not only a means of salvation, but also a way that we can live for the sake of others. (Baker 1799) 8. Paul is commited to salvation by faith, yet he puts a lot of emohasis upon right ethical behavior. What is your understanding of the relationship between salvation and ethics? Salvation is a concept Im not completely clear on yet. My understanding so far is that people do not receive salvation by the things they do but the way they live their life. It is hard to lead a fulfilling life of faith without some basic morals.

Paul is only giving us some ethical guidelines so that a life in faith will be a little less confusing. Religion.