Elian Gonzalez

Elian Gonzalez Refinance now homeowner even if you have bad credit. 185 loc Elian Gonzalez The swarms of rumors and tons of media coverage form a shaded cloud around one boy, his name Elian Gonzalez. Elian has been crowded by cameras , flashes and political leaders all poking at his future. I believe that Elian should go home to Cuba where he could live peacefully out of the American media’s blood hound reporters camera flashes and editorials. Elian’s father and his family should be able to come to terms and decide on the fate of this young child. He is just being used as a puppet in the political war between Castro’s Communism and Clinton’s Democracy.

I wish that the people of Miami would realize that Elian should not be given special rights to gain entrance to America. Since I have been to Cuba I am sure that there are many other people that would like to be able to travel and stay in America. That is not possible for them they are not cute enough or the center of a political debate therefore , Elian should be sent back to prove that he is a normal citizen and that everyone in society is an equal. This debate over his location has gone much to far. The boy was taken out by force because the Miami residents would not give him up with out a fight. There were riots in the streets where senseless behavior the smashing cars and destruction throughout the streets of Little Havana.

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What does this solve? Nothing only people’s valuables being destroyed which has nothing to do with the fight for Elian. That is exactly what it is no longer a peaceful discussion but a verbal and physical fight to decide this child’s life. If this boy who is almost looked upon as a so called gift from god had been dealt with like every other illegal immigrant he would be merely sent back across the ocean he came across back to his native home of Cuba. Yes it is wrong how they treat immigrants if they can work and help with the economical status why not let them in. Do not treat one different from the other.

Make sure that everyone is treated as an equal. So I guess now we will have to wait for the political bickering to stop and see the fate of this tortured boy come to end when you pick up the next issue of Time magazine or turn on CNN.