Effects Of American Revolution

Effects Of American Revolution The American Revolution was one of the most famous wars in the history of our young country. It had many different types of effects. These effects can be divided into three groups: political, economical, and social. The American Revolution had a significant political effect on the world. Since the colonists won, a new nation was born.

This new nation would create new laws and new ideas such as insuring domestic tranquility, providing for the common defense, and promoting the general welfare. It would also become a world leader and set a precedent for centuries to come. The Revolution played an important role from an economic standpoint as well. Like most wars, the American Revolution strengthened the economy. It created a great deal of business for small shop workers. However, after the war, the new nation was in debt because of all the money it borrowed to fight the war. The Revolution was very important from a social aspect too.

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It showed the world that the strong and mighty army of England was in fact vulnerable. It created an alliance with France and many other countries. It would also be the foundation of our alliance with our greatest ally (Great Britain) in centuries to come. The American revolution was not just a war. It was the war that gave our country independence.

The actions of our Founding Fathers set a precedent for almost all future leaders. American History.