Editorial Speech On The Death Penalty

Editorial Speech on the Death Penalty You are running down the street with your best friend not too far behind. You manage to round the corner, but you hear your friend trip.

Suddenly a shot rings out. Your friend screams. You continue to run, but look back and see the man who was following you pull out a large knife.Shocked in terror you can only blankly stare as the man proceed to cut your friend to pieces. The blade falls once.

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There is an explosion of red. The blade falls twice. Entrails spill onto the floor. The blade falls three times, four times, five, six.He then reaches down and dips is hand into the blaring pool of crimson that soaks the ground. Lifting his hand he begins to write on the wall in front of him with the freshly spilled blood of your now dead friend. Would a situation like this horrify you? Well you should know that seven murders just like this occurred in two nights.

The man responsible is Charles Manson. Manson is the leader of a large cult following, and even after being arrested for his truly horrific deeds still influences the cult today. In 1975 one of Manson’s followers, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, made an assassination attempt on then president Gerald Ford, in Manson’s name.Even now if you go to New York City you can find shirts with his picture on them, glorifying him. Songs have been written praising him. But together these have not yet touched the scariest thing about Charles Manson. The thing that you should be most frightened of is that Charles Manson, and many like him are alive, with chance of parole.

Yes this murderous madman could yet again run rampant in the world. It is for this reason that the death penalty is necessary.Capital punishment is the system by which the people who have committed the most heinous crimes are executed either by electric chair, gas chamber, or lethal injection. Despite the evil and malice presented by such people there are some who would deem this practice inhumane. It seems strange to me that the welfare of the community should not come before that of a convicted murderer.

If there is any chance that this person could possibly commit this crime again it should be impossible to come to a decision ,such as putting them in jail with chance of parole, that could conceivable place the lives of law abiding citizens in danger. Furthermore do they truly expect us to believe that placing them in cells like caged animals is truly humane. Opponents of the death penalty also point out that the threat of capital punishment will not decrease the murder rate.They are failing to realize an important role filled by capital punishment. Very few corpses are murderers. Anyway, with the ease the current capital punishment system can be avoided how can anyone truly say that the threat of the death penalty never enters into the mind of a murderer? Maybe they just realize that they can appeal so many times that they probably will die of natural causes before being executed. Obviously a reformed system of capital punishment which allow for fewer appeals would be beneficial to our orderly, organized society.

It would serve an exceedingly beneficial purpose, to put murderers in their graves and keep innocent, would be victims, out.