Edgar Allan Poe Vs Herman Melville

Edgar Allan Poe Vs. Herman Melville Sunday, December 03, 2000 Period 6 English Ms. Lynn Melville vs. Poe I chose to write about the similarities and differences between Herman Melville and Edgar Allan Poe. Both authors/ poets lived a life you could write a book on.They began with similarities from birth till death. Weird and strange events took place throughout their stay on Earth.

Both authors time of birth was within a decade apart, and both were born on the East Coast, Melville born in Boston and Poe born in New York. They each were born into poverty and had troubles to worry about. Poes parents died when he was at a young age, and Melvilles parents were failures in business, which led to the death of his father at the age when Melville was twelve. Poes education came from West Point Academy, but not by choice.His foster father paid for Poe to attend, and eventually Poe dropped out. He moved with his Aunt Maria in Baltimore. Melville received his education from school, and sailing the oceans with sailors at a young age. Melville never looked back after sailing out on adventures.

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He stayed and lived for a period of time on one of the islands called Nuku Hiva. At this time in their lives is when everything became twisted in my opinion.To start off when Poe moves to Baltimore with his aunt, he then marries his cousin Virginia. How in the world could you tell people, Yeah, this is my fourteen year old cousin/ wife.? Does not sound to good if you ask me! On the other hand you could be on an island where people believed in canabalism. That is where Melville ended up while at his stay at Nuku Hiva.

I am not sure if Melville took part in eating humans, but either way you would not catch me around these two weirdoes. The climax of Melvillles career came in 1850, when he published Moby Dick. The book is still a favorite today.He made money off of the book, but would it be enough to continue publishing books? The climax of Poes carrer came when he published The Raven in 1845. The book is still read in and out of the classrooms today.

The Raven is better than Moby Dick in my opinion. Both books are still sold in stores to this day. One word to summarize both authors careers is DEBT. They did not have enough money to come out with more poems or stories.When they did come out they did not do so well as their previous masterpieces. Thats when drinking took over Poes life.

It is said that his drinking was exaggerated that he did not drink that much. As well as alcohol there was opium and that was not better for Poe either. Then you have Melville and his troubles.He is quoted saying; Dollars Damn me.

(English book) No money no publications. Melville did however publish a collection of poems when he was older and then retired. Poe died in 1849, and Melville in 1891. I picked these two authors/ poets to write about because their masterpieces of writings are still cherished to this very day.

They each lived in the same time frame, and their best works were with in five years of each other.Their styles of writing are different, but still their work is like no other.