East side story

West Side StoryWest Side Story is a modern novel version of Shakespeares play,Romeo and Juliet. The two main characters are Polish boy named Tony anda Puerta Rican girl named Maria. Maria is Bernardos sister, the leader of astreet gang named the Sharks. The Sharks are a Puerto Rican gang. Tony isa member of the Jets, the rival white gang of the Sharks wanting to keepPuerto Ricans out. The beginning starts as both gangs gather at a localdance.

There, Tony and Maria meet and fall in love. They both know thattheir love is dangerous and begin to meet in secret. They continue meetingfor a few weeks.When a street fight breaks out between the Sharks and the Jets, Tonyintervenes in hopes of putting an end to the senseless fighting. Despite hisintentions, Tony is pulled into the fight as he witnesses his best friend, Riff,killed by Bernardo.

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Tony murders Bernardo, like Shakespeare’s Tybaltkilling Mercutio, and Romeo avenging him. Tony becomes a fugitive andplans to escape with Maria. Tony is told that Maria has died. Not wantingto live without Maria, Tony comes out of hiding and reveals himself to theSharks.

Avenging Bernardo’s death, Chino shoots and kills Tony on sight,just at the moment Tony and Maria are reunited. The dramatic difference between West Side Story and Romeo andJuliet is that Maria is left alive to deal with Tonys death. Maria and Tonyboth were victims of racism, intolerance, and mistrust. Racism was shownto be uncompromising and unforgiving. This story was a lot morebelievable too.Words/ Pages : 262 / 24