Dumpster Diving

Dumpster Diving Dumpster Diving How many time have you or someone you know thrown away items that could be given to goodwill or recycled. I know I have done this many times without thinking that these items may be useful to someone else. Dumpster Divers are people who search for things that other people have thrown out that are still useful, can be recycled and have value. They will not only pick up discarded items left at the curb side of people’s homes, but they will climb into dumpsters at apartment buildings and behind shopping centers. Most dumpster divers don’t actually get into the bins and dig around. Instead, they use a long pole allowing them to lean over the dumpster and pull the goods they want up to them. People enjoy doing this as a hobby.

For them it is like a treasure hunt. Dumpster diving can also be profitable. For example: Money can be made from aluminum cans to items that can be resold in a garage/yard sale. Dumpster diving has its’ good qualities as well as bad qualities. The good being what I have listed above. The bad qualities being that dumpster divers need not get into dumpsters that have medical and hazardous waste. Here a person could be jabbed with a used sharp needle or even get unknown substance on them.

In some places dumpster diving is illegal. I can see the reasoning of why it would be. I feel that in a way it is stealing as well as who wants people going through their garbage, which may contain paperwork with confidential information on it. I also can see that sometimes it is also a good thing because something I may throw away may be very useful to someone else. Science.