Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is very dangerous. Driving while intoxicated is hazardous to your health, and to the well-being of others. It can kill you, other innocent people, you can be locked up, and taken away from family and friends, and it is illegal.

Driving while intoxicated can be very harmful to your health, because it can kill you. On the other hand, it can kill an innocent person, who happens to be near you on the road while you are acting irresponsible. Irresponsible, in the fact that you took the chance of drinking, and then getting behind the wheel. In doing this, you are risking your life, and those around you.

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A DUI also is available to you, if you drive intoxicated. So, why spend time in jail, and pay that big fine? It’s just plain stupidity. So please don’t drink and drive. Minors catch it even worse, when you are drinking and driving. Think about it. Don’t do it!
It is illegal for you to drive while drunk, and therefore can land you in situations you will wish that you were not in. I hope that you take this into consideration. So, what do you say? To drink and drive, or not to? That is the question that should be on your mind. If you do drink, please have someone drive you home, or to somewhere that you can stay.

Driving drunk is not a great experience. It can cost you more than the so-called pleasure of being drunk. So why drink in the first place. But if you decide to drink, please don’t drink and drive.

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