Drug problem

The drug problem at South Whidbey has declined dramatically in this last school year. Last year the hard drugs were much more readily available. The recent busts of the major methamphetamine labs on Whidbey Island have just about extinguished the use of these very dangerous and deadly drugs. Also in the last year the amount of the trafficking marijuana has declined enormously.

Even though the availability of drugs at South Whidbey has declined, drugs still remain a very big problem. I think that one contributing factor in this problem is that the use of drugs on the south end of the island has been a problem for a long time. I know of parents who grew up growing and smoking marijuana. It has almost become a part of the local culture for a lot of residents.
The abuse of alcohol by minors is also a large problem at South Whidbey. It is my belief that many students use “there is nothing to do around here” as their excuse to use alcohol and other drugs. I think that if students would just try not using drugs and alcohol at party’s and get-togethers they would realize that that’s not the case at all.

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I have seen drugs ruin a lot of people’s lives. They ended up dropping out of school, losing there jobs, getting thrown out of their homes, going to jail, and even dyeing. I have never seen any good come from the use of drugs and alcohol. The consequences from these poor choices and life styles are almost always irreversible.

I think that the school and the community are taking the right steps to help contain this widespread problem. Educating the teachers and community on what to look for and how to report suspected drug activity is a major step in solving the problem.