Drama, Drama, Drama

I am in the Air Force and work in Air Terminal Operations Center. It
is really just a big title meaning that we make sure things get done on
time. My job entails a wide rage of responsibilities from making sure that
passengers and cargo are downloaded and uploaded in a timely manner and the
crews of the aircrafts don’t cry due to lack of coffee. My shift is small
with only two main characters and I’m one of them, but we do interact with
the other two shifts daily. I have in time come to the conclusion that half
of my coworkers are bipolar and the other half of them are crazy. A shift
change and complete shift can always result in the maximum amount of rude
and impolite things said to each other. Although we bicker and have a lack
of knowledge in certain areas of politeness, we get the mission complete.

On an average day I show up at 2:15 p.m., a good 20 minutes early
just to try to figure what is going on that day and listen to all the
things I supposedly messed up the day prior. Day shift has only two real
players and one day the police are bound to be called due to violence
exhibited toward each other. SSgt Brown and SrA Gibson are a great
combination and a great example of craziness, but amazingly day after day
they get their job completed. On any single day you can walk in and see one
of them throw a back pack at the other for something as simple as the back
pack being in the way. They constantly bicker back and forth about small
things from a lunch schedule to who is going to put paper in the printer.

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Although they play around and goof off, as soon as a plane lands and there
is work to do they get the job done. Given there are always sly comments
made and dirty looks given, they correctly do their job. Just last week I
showed up at 2:00 p.m. because I had stuff to do before I started working
and when I walked in the two were standing up yelling at each other over
who was going to go out to the plane that just landed. This particular
argument stemmed from the fact that they both wanted to leave early but
someone was going to have to stay to work with me. I went ahead and went
out to the aircraft and let the two fight it out which turned out to be a
bad idea. They both decided that neither was going to leave nor were they
going to do anything. They both sat at their desk without speaking a word
to each other until the rest of my shift showed up.

Out of all my coworkers I like to believe that I am the only normal
one for the fact that I realize I do dumb things daily. My shift supervisor
is what I like to think of as a circus freak. SSgt Krysler can’t be taller
than five feet flat and has no sense of humor. Daily he is the butt of all
jokes and rude comments. He always strolls into work just on time and does
not even know how to correctly do his job correctly. Everyday he asks me if
I want to do the desk, which means that I will do all the paper work so he
can work ramp, which means he goes out to meet the aircraft and do no paper
work at all. The only reason he loves working ramp is because he doest have
the slightest clue how to do the paper work. Time after time, he has worked
the desk and another coworker or I have to go behind him to correct the
mess he has made. A polite person would sit him down and show him how to
complete our job, but he has already had that training and just isn’t
picking it up. Plus, sad as is sounds, it makes me happy to see him there
with stacks of paper around him. He gets that look in his eye like a lost
puppy dog who just wants to go home. I admit I am the devil and will one
day go to hell, but this is when I usually tell him I need to leave early
because I have some fake appointment in the morning and need to sleep. Even
when I leave early, or don’t help SSgt Krysler with his work, I know that
he can’t mess up to much. I always make sure all the important things get
done and leave him with the small paper work. The paper work only requires
that you go over times and make sure they are correct. . Although this may
seem harsh, it is the only way he will learn, plus I can’t do his job for
him everyday.

There is nothing worse than having a crappy day at work and having a
dumb person walk in for the shift change. Grave shift is a total of two
people; one normal nice lady and one bipolar freak. I rarely get to see
TSgt Hughes who happens to be one of the nicest people around, due to our
days off. But I am lucky enough to see SSgt Webster everyday I work. I
honestly believe this woman is bipolar. I try to be polite and ask her
every evening when she comes in how she is doing. Her usual responses
include, “What!” to “Did you do any thing done today!” Now SSgt Webster is
a hard nut to crack. She is knowledgeable in her job but has no people
skills at all which makes for a bad environment. She comes in screaming and
yelling asking if we got all the mandatory objectives complete that day and
turns around with a smile on her face asking if we want some of the cookies
she made. This is one scary woman but I admit she knows her job.

Overall, our attitudes are our biggest set back. No one ever wants to
admit that they don’t know what they are doing or ask for help, yet the
mission is always completed with minimal delays.