Dont You Dare Read This Mrs Dunphery

I almost wrote Dont you dare read this Mrs. Dunphrey byyour name, but just out of habit.

But it would be pretty stupid tosend you a letter and not let you read it right?Before you get too excited about me writing, I should let youknow that this is a assignment. Not for school but from my familytherapist that Matt, Mom and I have been seeing everyweek.(Thats right Mom, I explain.)The therapist, Mr. Sarcusi saysthat showing your feelings is healthy. He says after everything thathas happened, I have a reason to feel betrayed. He also said thatall teenagers feel betrayed anyway. He told to write about myselfand pretend I was talking to someone that didnt know my wholelife story.

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I thought that it was a dumb thing to write about but Iguess I have to do it. I did it all last year in your class, so I guessits going to be pretty easy. I know you keep writing me and sayingto write back, so I finally decided to.Thanks for letting me and Matt sleep on your couch and floorfor those three day when the caseworker couldnt find us a fosterfamily. I cant tell you how scared I was when I thought that theywould separate my Matt and I.

I was so happy when you said, Can I take them home with me? and when you stood yourgrounds and wouldnt take home for an answer. Even yourhusband was pretty cool about taking us in, even though I think hethought that he was going to be stuck with us for ever.Did you know that our caseworker decided to send us Dadsparents, you know the ones that we never, ever met. They live in Florida. First I didnt think that was a great idea. Look how Dadturned out. How could they be good parents? And if they didntwants to see us for the last fifteen years, why are they going towant us living with them now? I dont think that I would have goneif they didnt talk me into it.

It turns out that, Nana and Poppy, mygrandparents arent that bad either. They both are really short.They are different from what I imagined. Nana and Poppy was already old when Dad was born. Youknow what Dad did when he was in grade school, he killed theneighbors dog. Poppy and Nana thought that it was just a stage.Dad started t get worse and worse, beating up other kid all thetime, getting angry about everything. They said that every timethat he did something bad he always tell them that he was sorry,stupid like they were they believed him.

They thought that hewould grow out of it but he never did.Nana said she thought that Dad would settle down after hemarried Mom, but he didnt. And when I was born they triedcoming around, bring me presents and offering them to take abrake, loaning him money y which the thought was for me. Theystopped giving him money and thats when he said he didnt wantsthem to come around any more. Nana feels really bad for givingup so easy and she always telling me a Matt that she is sorry, andthat she know that she cant make up for the fifteen years theyWell I guess they are right, Matt has really started sticking tothem now.

He says its almost like having grandma back. Its not!!I know its good that Matt is happy and hes getting to act like anormal little boy but all Nana and Poppy does is brag over everylittle thing that he does. When I told Mr. Sarcusi that, he said that Iwas just jealous that my grandparents were paying more attentionNana and Poppy treats Mom liked a little kid too. Ever sincethe caseworker tracked he down in California, where Dadapparently left her again for a nineteen year old shes beenmiserable. That postcard she send us was nothing but lies gofigure. I think the only reason why she came back is because weare reminders of what she used to have. Mr.

Sarcuis say that itsnot her fault that she is like the way she is. It took a lot away fromher, all the abuse. He says that Mom never will fully recover fromI gave this letter to Mr. Sarcuis to read before I send it to youand he started yelling at me. He sais I want you to write this letterover? Did you do this on purpose? You never wrote a thing abouthow you felt, the whole letter was about other people!!I kind of see about what he was talking about.

Mom and Dadfighting all those time must have mess my mind up a bit. Now thatI think about it. Whenever I sees a guy that I like to date, I lookback at Moms and Dads relationship and say to myself, No allmen are jerks I dont think that I would have been all that if I livedwith Nana and Poppy all my life.

I miss being in charge. Having toworry about ever little thing. It felt like I was a grown up, and it feltgood. Here Nana and Poppy treat me like Im a little kid. Theymake me be home at a certain hour, I have to do chores, andworse of all that kisses me in public.

I know they are doing itI can see you reading this right now. Maybe thinking to yourself that I might run away or do something stupid like that. Youdont have to worry I dont want to ever have to do what I did lastI have to go now.

I think this letter is long enough. I like tothank you for ever thing that you have done for me. I also like youto know that Im going to hold on to that old journal book of mine. Ithink I might just start another one. Thanks a lot.P.S. You should come down a visit sometime.

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