Dolphin The Dolphin Circle exists to increase your awareness of dolphins and the world of marine mammals. Our special focus is on interspecies communication and the influence the dolphins may have on emotional and physical healing. This site is also geared towards those who have ever dreamed of interacting with dolphins. We offer individuals the opportunity to meet and swim with the dolphins in their natural environment and to experience first-hand the playful, compassionate, and healing nature of these magnificent beings. Think about joining us for one of our dolphin swims and healing workshops.

We offer you one of the most comprehensive collections of resource links available on the internet covering all aspects of dolphins and whales. We feature books, tapes, organizations, sites, and information that will enhance your awareness of the cetacean world. There are many links on the page guiding you to dolphin facilitated therapy sites, as well as resource sites hosting environmental and scientific information. Don’t miss our Especially for Children section. Take your time and explore the links. Visit our section featuring dolphin stories and the experiences of our guests, or our page with the essays, articles, and poetry our visitors have shared with us.

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We love your contributions and so do others! Your willingness to share your experiences and connections with the dolphins is what makes this page come alive and helps increase awareness of the dolphin and whale world! We encourage you to share information with us that may be of interest to others. Feel free to contact us if you have questions. Bibliography.