Doll House By Ibsen

Doll House By Ibsen Nora Helmer and Kristine Linde are two totally different women. First of all, Kristine is a widow, but doesnt suffer of the loss of her husband. ” .. Not even a broken heart to grief over” p.8 The only thing she suffers from is the fact of being all alone. Shes a very calm and wise woman.

Nora on the other side is like a little child in the beginning. She wants to do whatever she wants; for instance she always eats macaroons behind her husbands back. Shes always very gay and singing. Shes very innocent and never thinks what the consequences could be of her acts. She starts to panic once Krogstad threatens her and wants to leave everything behind, so she wouldnt have to face the truth. But in Gods name, Mr.

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Krogstad, its quite beyond my power to help you p.26 In the beginning of Act II, shes completely out of her mind and loses control over herself. She runs from one side of the house to another, but doesnt want to leave just in case someone would come to visit her again or maybe even her husband. Luckily she has Mrs. Linde to talk to. Kristine advises her and guides her very well.

Thanks to her she finally gets a hold of herself again. Mrs. Linde actually sacrifices herself and convinces Krogstad to leave the Helmers alone and in return she would take care of him, mother his children and finally marry him, like he had asked her many years ago. I need someone to mother, and your children need a mother. We two need each other.

Nils, I have faith in what, deep down, you are. With you I can face anything. p. 65 I think Kristine is a very strong woman and knows what she wants and how to get it. Here she played with Krogstads old feelings for her and still she convinced Nora to talk to her husband and tell him the truth about everything. But even though she sacrifices herself in a way for Nora, she still did what she wanted, because she didnt want to be alone for the rest of her life, and I think that is also why she agreed to marry Krogstad. Nora changed a lot in the last act.

When Mr. Helmer hears the truth, Nora gives up her last hopes. She hoped for Mr. Helmer to love her enough to take everything upon himself and help her out, but instead he insulted her. Because of his reaction, she finally made her first decision as an adult. She tells him she wants to leave him, because she needs to spend time with herself: get to know and respect herself.

This decision was certainly not easy to take, especially for a woman at that time. Its a decision that is worthy of respect and shows how much she has grown strong. The character that has the most self-knowledge is Kristine, because she already had the opportunity to spend some time with herself and think clearly. She needed to take care of someone and feel needed.