Do Or Die

Do or Die One day my soccer team came over ,we had a big party. We had won the semi final game. We were watching a FIFA soccer game, and Michael Smith fell on my couch.

Blood spilt everywhere. It was freaky.Then we called an ambulance. He went to the hospital. The next day we went to see if Michael was OK, He was fine. (Someone tried to kill me last night) Michael said. They found a knife in his back.Later that week Michael was back.

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He could not practice yet. John -Fredy did not come to practice, and are star goalkeeper disappeared. We looked in the locker room, we found a blood trail. We opened up the locker, and we found Kenny and John-Fredy it was sick.The night before I walked in my house and the window was open. All of a sudden someone opened the door behind me. I jumped and turned.

Oh thank god it was just Franco L. and Michael S.They came over to check to see if I was ready for the championship game the next day.

We sat down and talked a little until we heard my car alarm go off. We went down to check. They I looked in my car and the leading scorers card was missing. Then I started to look in the bushes.Then out of nowhere Kenny! I turned and looked and said where. They started to laugh.

Then they said I look just like Kenny the goalkeeper. Then Michael said Thank god it was you, you scared me ,I Thought Kenny came back as a ghost. After a while they had to go.Oh my god I just figured out whos was next, it was me. Kenny was not supposed to die it was me that was supposed to. During the championship game I looked around I could not keep me mind on the game. During half time the score was 1-1.

It felt like only a few minutes went by but then the came the 90 minute marker.We got a penalty shot with seconds to go. It just hit me I ran and bumped Michael smith out of the way. I took the shot. It zipped into the upper left corner just missing the goalies hands. GOAL!! The score was 2-1.Then I remembered officer, officer get this man I said.

They grabbed him and said why and how? First he stuck himself so no one would think it was him. Then he went into my car and took the card, It said first Walter Gilgorri second John-Fredy and third Michael Smith. When he killed Kenny he meant to kill me. From behind I look just like him and Kenny was killed by being shot in the back of the head.

Then he killed John-Fredy so what he was trying to do was kill off the first and second best scorers on the team. So make it easier for him to become MVP of the game and win the prize money. BY Wally Smith.