Disc Jockey Buissness

Disc Jockey Buissness I have been in the disc jockey business since I was fifteen years old, I own many different sets of equiptment and have been to conventions were the new lines are presented. I also work for Pioneer as a company dj representative so I know their line like the back of my hand. For my project I choose to shop around for new equiptment at two stores, with me I brought a friend who knew absolutly nothing about dj equiptment.

I was amazed at my findings and it is becouse of this experiment that I will never shop at Sam Ash again. My friend and I went to Sam Ash music store in New Haven Connecticut, it is a chain music store that has been noted for their excellence in costomer service.We went into the DJ section of their store and started to brows the inventory. I did not talk to the sales man becouse I feared that my knowledge of the equiptment would alter my reasearch. The sales man apporch us with a cool slick mannor that was obviously an act to impress us the young hip crowd. Personaly right off the bat I disliked his mannor and thought it to be very insulting, but people will do anything for a commission. My friend explained that he was looking to start a buissness, focusing on wedding and Bat/bar mitvahs, he then stress our price range of three thousand dollars.I could see the drool on the man’s face as he started to explain what we needed.

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He showed us three different types of speaker putting down the less expensive ones and praising the no price tag line which “he owned”. The man did not talk about range or peak power which are the man factors when I purchase speakers, instead he threw in terms like these speakers “boom”, they really “kick”. These terms were directed at a stero type which he felt we feel into. He then proceeded to demonstrate how great the sppeaker were by pounding the base through out the store.As a professional Dj bass is the last thing you look at , the quality of a speaker depends on vocal quality with a focus on the mid and high range levels.

Needless to say these factors were not mentioned at all. The next item was an amplifier which he had the perfect one picked out, in his words it was a perfect match. The amplifier he choose was a high powered model with all the bells and whistles piece of crap.

It may have been a perfect match as far as power goes but as far as a lasting reliable unit that won’t fail it was not even close. He did not spend that much time on the amplifier becouse it was only a small precentage of the purchase.He than started to tell us how loud our system would be and how much bass we would have. The man started to use words and terms that would get us excited about the purchase. We explained to him that we had a decent cd collection and would like dual cd players.

It was as if he completely dirgarded this comment and took us over to the turntable section where he put on the head phones and started to scratch and mix as he danced around the turn table telling us how great he is and how one day we could be as good as he is. I found humor in the way this guy tried to change our minds and go with the hip product that he demonstarated .After his little show and period where he praised himself , I said we don’t want turn talbes we want cd players. At this point he acted as if I were not cool and he moped over to the cd players. The first item he showed us that he could get a really good deal on were the pioneer 700 s cd players, which I already own. As a pioneer representative I knew all the fetures how to use them and why they were better than the other lines on the market. The only feture that he used to sell the cd players was that the jog wheel was just like scratching on vinal. This was the bigest lie I had ever heard come out of someones mouth, but I let it go becouse I knew I would be back for the second part of my experiement.

After the products had been picked out and the total price figured out he then looked very surprised at the total cost and started to hit buttons, while assuring us that we would get a great price and that he was taking money out of his commission to help out starting dj’s . After about twenty minutes he then came to us and asked if we would like to apply for a store charge card, we said no and asked for the total damage. “With the quality and the large system and after I took each item down to the best price possible it comes out to eight thousand three hundred and eleven dollars.” I was amazed at the price and told him that we need a starter system that was quality and not that expensive, his reply was you have to do it right the first time. We left and told him we would think about it, he looked very upset as we walked out of the store.

I hated the fact that I spent so much time going over equiptment and I wanted to get back at the guy for taking advantage of people who wish to enter the buissness that I love so much.The service was great except for the fact that he had his own agenda, did not listen to anything that we said and tried to talk down to us becouse he thought we did not have enough knowledge to see past his front. He saw the fact that we were young and instead of helping us pick out a starter set that would last he gave us no options and based our items on the fact that we were novices. I know from personal experience that a weedin party does not want the music to shake their glasses and leave the grandparents hearin impared. After leving the store I felt horrible and just wanted to go back and tell him what a jerk he made himself look like. But instead I went back in three day to shop by myself looking for the same type of equiptment, but this time I would express my knowlegde and who I was and what I have done.

I enterd the store and looked around the and the same sales man came up to me. I told him that I own my own DJ buissness and am looking to purchase a new set for a startin DJ in my company. Right away he went to the spekers, showing me the same ones as before. I started to grill him on technical terms and issues that were not addressed in my last visit. His answers were no valid and I told him that I would never purchase a speaker that had all bass and no vocal quality Music.