Dear Golden One (love letter based on Anthem)

Dear Golden One,IT IS NOT A SIN TO WRITE THIS! I’m very tired of having to hide my feelings for you. My heart is about to explode of the passion that is burning its inside when I can’t have you. What is wrong with loving each other? Why can’t I just hold you and show you how much I care about you? My dear love, you have always being my inspiration at everything I do. When I close my eyes I can see no one but you. My five senses become stronger with your presence and every aspect of life has a new meaning for me. When I see you I feel as if nothing mattered any longer, and I wish I could show all of our brothers that I’m dying for you and that we both need each other. If this is a sin, then I would like to become one. Liberty, without you, there will be no sun in my sky because you are that sun that illuminates my life with happiness. I don’t want any other man to touch you; I’d like to have the honor of being the very first and only man in your life. I’d like for us to form a family, a home, and live happily ever after. We will make it and on that day you’ll see that everything we did was worth it. There is nothing that our love cannot survive. We will not relinquish, my love, and sooner or later we’ll reach all of our goals. I’ll be loyal to you and my heart will always recognize you as its queen. No matter what happens, you must know that I truly love you and I’m terribly sorry there have been times when I seem to care more about my invention. Please forgive me for that, you have no idea how much it would mean to me. No force of nature or behavior will ever be able to separate us since we are two in one now.I shall always be with you,Your Equality