Cuba The Totalitarian Regime That Still Goes On

.. say about what is about to be broadcasted on the air. During the 40s and the 50s, Cuba was in desperate state of the economy.

Since then Castro has had tight control over the economy. Cubas economy is known as the worlds least free.FREEDOM TO HOLD PROPERTY Citizens do not have private property rights. Agricultural cooperatives have limited independence from state oversight, but the state owns the land and all decisions must fall within parameters determined by the state. Small land parcels are leased on a long-term basis to families who must fulfill a quota to the state before selling their excess in farm markets. FREEDOM TO EARN A LIVING Workers who have attempted to organize independently are subject to persecution like blacklisting, arbitrary arrest and attacks by government including organized mobs. The right to bargain collectively is not allowed either. The CTC (Confederation of Cuban Workers) does not protect a workers rights.

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Its responsibility is to ensure that the government production goals are met and to carry out worker layoffs as part of the current downsizing of state payrolls. The workers rights is much the same than Big Brothers regime as they dont really care about the workers but the work being done to help the leader and its people prosper. All wages are also set by the government. Workers who refuse extra voluntary work assigned by the state risk job discrimination and even as far as dismissal. Citizens cannot change jobs or residence without government permission.

FREEDOM TO OPERATE A BUISINESS The self-employed must pay a license fee and taxes.They cant hire employees and must purchase all materials from the state. The state also oversees the markets and takes a cut of all sales. For this reason, the state keeps the prices artificially high in many of the markets.

FREEDOM TO TRADE INTERNATIONALLY All international trade is negotiated and carried out, directly by the government. Direct participation by citizens in any foreign venture is prohibited.Attempting to leave the country for any reason without permission is a punishable offense. Foreign investors may own up to 100% of businesses in Cuba and enjoy free repatriation of profits. They can buy buildings but not land.

All deals are subjected to approval by Cubas Council of Ministers headed by Fidel Castro, in a process that can take up to a year. Cuban exiles seeking to invest in Cuba have the same rights as other investors.When it comes to controlling weapons, Castro does so much more than that. He not only control and picks the soldiers in his army to go into combat when he needs them but spends a lot of the Cubans money on missile construction and other weapons that would make the contrary more powerful once in war or combat. Castro also built many military bases where no one has the authority to trespass unless you are a government official like himself.

Much of his time and money is into turning these soldiers into warriors. It is estimated that millions of dollars were spent on missiles and weapons alone.Much like Big Brother, Castro likes to be the most powerful man in the world and uses military actions and bases to enforce that power in him. Although Castro is quite proud of the way he has prospered his country, many are skeptical that this regime hasnt done much for Cubans. So despised by some of his people that the word assassination is as known to him as his name. On that matter Castro says: If surviving assassination were an Olympic attempt, I would win the gold medal. What do other countries think of him? Well, we all know what the U.

S. thinks of him: as being a troublemaker and a fascist whos out to conquer the world to make it his own and perhaps cause another world war.All this may seem absurd now, but maybe theyre right. Look what happened to Hitler and his people and all the poor Jews when it was too late to interfere in his brutal and cruel persecutions, his evil ways. The only way Cuba, today, will undergo good change is the day Fidel Castro dies. It is rumored that hes ill but that doesnt mean its fatal.

Now the Cubans who despise him are only awaiting his death because they are the ones that probably realize that if nothing is done to stop the atrocities created by him, history just might repeat itself over again. Think about it! When Columbus came to Cuba in 1492, he and his predecessors would probably never have imagined of this islands outcome within the centuries ahead. From conquering the country, to its independence, to the totalitarian regime put into it, all these major events have made the island what it is today. Before giving the whole story about the Communists, one must understand how the country was born so heres a little bit of a background history: Spain had conquered Cuba in 1511 under Diego Velasquez.Frequent insurrections failed to end Spains harsh rule. From 1868 to 1878 occurred the Armed rebellion known as the Ten Years War, led by plantation owner Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, a co-author of Cubas declaration of independence. After the loss of more than 200,00 lives, the revolt ended in failure.

In 1933, Batista led a sergeants revolt that toppled the despotic rule of Gen. Grarado Machado and its at that time that Batista became the most powerful man in Cuba. He was elected president in 1940 and made himself chief of state with dictatorial powers.Years of corrupt government, terrorism and embezzlement made by the United States led to a revolt in 1958 under the leadership of Fidel Castro. Batista fled to the Dominican Republic and the Fidelistas were in control of Havana. Castro then became premier at the young age of 32. At first people applauded the downfall of Batista and hoped that Castro could bring the country the prosperity it had wished for.

Unfortunately, before long, people came to realization that a new regime had embraced Communism.In reality, Fidel Castro is responsible for every appointment. As president of the Council of Ministers, chairman of the Council of State, commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and first secretary of the PCC (Cuban Communist Party), Castro controls everything and anything that can make him more powerful. Even in Latin America, Castro fundedguerrilla groups throughout the hemisphere generating fear and terror for decades now.

The regimes response to the AIDS crisis has been a mandatory nation-wide testing that resulted in forced incarceration for anyone who tested positive for the HIV virus. In addition, Castro is also known for imprisoning homosexuals and transsexuals as undesirables.All of these imprisonment is mostly based on mere suspicion or rumors. There was another report that a number of prisoners with AIDS rioted on August 19, 1992, demanding better food and medical attention. Guards used rubber batons, wooden sticks and other blunt instruments.

Several of the AIDS sufferers were transferred to the maximum security area of the prison. The fate of these prisoners are now unknown.He especially tortures the sane political opponents that defy his beliefs by sending them into psychiatric hospitals. Sociology.