Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory was the predecessor of the civil rights movement. They both came as intellectual ways of resistance of cruel affairs. Although they have the same principles, Critical Race Theory has evolved entirely on its own. Since its origination many organizations have adopted this theory such as banks, hospitals, and most businesss. Critical race theory came to be during the 1980s over the failure of traditional civil rights. Originally started as just a subject in a law class, this theory grew steadily throughout the years to one of the largest movements today. Since the creation of Critical Race Theory, it has had a large impact in the legal field, but now is extended into such areas such as education and even women studies.

Critical Race Theory is grounded in the reality of the lived experience of racism which has singled out, with wide agreement among whites, African Americans and others. Critical Race Theory therefore embraces this prejudice of perception and openly acknowledges the perceptions of truth and even fairness. Its about time we came up with some type of theory for this. Aristotle would have been happy. In contrast, traditional legal definitions claim neutrality and colorblindness as the basis for the beliefs of equal opportunity and meritocracy.

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Critical Race Theory challenges those claims, noting the way objective facts are used to promote the interests of the majority.Critical Race Theory is deeply dissatisfied with traditional civil rights lawsuits. Having watched the reaction against the gains of the 1960s by increasingly traditional courts, Critical Race Theory scholars have lost faith in traditional legal remedies. Progress in employment and contracting laws designed to end discrimination has been stalled as courts promote popular preferences at the expense of minority interests.

Although I did do some intense research for just this two page paper, I feel that I want to learn more. This is a movement that will better our society as a whole. If I can take on thing from this class, it is that great philosophers do their job correctly if they have done one thing, which is make you think. Critical Race Theory does just that!