Creative Writing: The Wave

Creative Writing: The Wave
I have to prove my point to Principal Owen’s. I can still make this work,
I’m sure I can. Over the past week I have shown these kids what it was like to
be equal. I can end this experiment, these kids just have to know what they are
doing is wrong and it must be stopped. The only problem will be to get help
from members that are not in the Wave. Maybe Laurie and David can help me teach
these kids a lesson. How can I do it? First I have to get all the Wave members
into the one place, put them in the auditorium. I will have to organize the
meeting in the morning, that is if I still have a job at Gordon High. What will
I do though, I have to show them that what they are doing is wrong and they
should stop before someone gets killed. HITLER, he would be the perfect example
of doing the wrong thing. Well, he was only responsible for millions of deaths
of innocent men, women, children. He particularly hated Jews. The only thing
wrong is how will I show them that they are becoming similar to one of the evil
dictators ever. I could show them the dead, massacred bodies of the innocent
Jews. I would show them a movie of Hitler and his Nazi’s to show these students
what they are becoming. I will tell them all that they would make great Nazi’s.

I mean, look at it, how close did they come to World War Three happening in the
extreme. That would make me the new age Hitler and I can’t and won’t let that
happen. Well, that is what I will do, I will stop this immature stupidity and
end this. It has to work, if so I will probably have no job and soon after that
no life, It has to end tomorrow.

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