Conservation Essay

Robert Frost once said “nothing gold can stay”.

Today those famous words are closely connected to our environment. Scientists and researchers are uncovering the negative effects of modern technology on our environment and our lives. Cars, computers, refrigerators and virtually all other electric inventions consume natural resources. These resources are often unrenewable, causing a harsh supply and demand crisis. Fuel prices will continue to rise, which means that people will have to find a new mode of transportation.

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Coal will run out, therefore bringing an end to our main source of electricity. Rainforests will vanish, causing a shortage of paper on which to write conservation essays. When viewed by short term effects, society does not consider environmental issues to be important- what is the big deal about cutting down a few trees? The long term results of such massive negligence are scary enough to make me think twice before tossing my litter out the window. The bottom line is that people need to be more conservative of our natural resources before they are gone.