Computers Can Eliminate Most Trips To The Office

Computers Can Eliminate Most Trips To The Office “COMPUTERS CAN ELIMINATE MOST TRIPS TO THE OFFICE” By Robert Moskowitz I found this article to be of great interest to myself because my work and life has revolved around telecommuting for the past several years.

As the article indicates, “a telecommuter is anyone who works at least part of the time at home, in their cars, from clients’ offices, and/or in hotel rooms and telephone booths.” Although the article is somewhat dated (1995 to be exact), I feel that what Robert Moskowitz wrote about telecommuting back in 1995 still applies today. When I chose to go to work for ADP-Automatic Data Processing several years ago, I already had some previous work experience as a telecommuter. At the time, I had no idea that my current position would actually transition itself to a telecommuting position or as I would like to call it now, “a virtual office position.” As a Software Implementation Consultant, I feel that a telecommuting position has been a viable solution for my employer, for my work responsibilities, and for my overall job satisfaction. With the help of hardware devices such as my laptop computer, pager, cellular phone, voicemail, etc.

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, and software applications such as pcANYWHERE, MS-NetMeeting, MS-Project, MS-Internet Explorer, MS-Office, MS-Outlook, etc., I can accomplish everything from home-or anywhere else for that matter-than being in an actual home office.Because I can be reached during the workweek, virtually anyplace at anytime, and I can work pretty much anywhere at anytime, this requires a lot of responsibility, organization, and dedication to my company and it’s clients. Although it appears that I do have this flexibility in my current position, I do tend to be in my home office one or two times a week for meetings, personal contacts, etc. I feel this is still necessary, so that I don’t loose touch with the company and associates I work with at ADP. Finally, telecommuting has allowed me the independence without the direct supervision to become more productive in my position. I feel most people, including myself, would tend to be more productive if they didn’t have someone looking over their shoulder everyday. But I do realize it takes a special person with a good combination of a strong discipline and a strong work ethic to be an effective telecommuter.

My Future: I am sure as technology advances, my current position as a telecommuter will become more efficient in the ways of doing business with my company and with my clients.As well, I feel that as time goes by, the work place will increase the number of telecommuters in our society. There is no doubt that it could become what is called a “paperless office.” Also, as indicated previously, I have been working as a telecommuter for sometime now, and I am not sure if I could go back to a strictly home office environment. But if I had to make this transition, I am sure I would have no problems adjusting to the atmosphere of a home office environment because of the solid relationships I have built with my home office associates over the past several years at ADP.

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