Computer Purchase

.. isk that can store the equivalent of about 70 standard floppy disks. Because of their storage capacity a Zip disk is a very practical way to backup the many files one may have on their computer. The Zip drive should be 100 MB. The hard drive is another important feature of a computer. Before you can use any new software, it must be installed on the hard drive.

The more space that you have the more software that can be installed. It has been said, Like closets in a home, you can never get too much storage space. With this in mind I would prefer over 12 GB of hard drive space. Although CD-ROMs have huge storage capacities, even a CD-ROM is not large enough for many of todays complex programs. Some software, for example, is sold on five or more CD-ROMs. To meet these tremendous storage requirements, some software moved from CD-ROMs to the larger DVD-ROM format.

A DVD-ROM is an extremely high capacity compact disc capable of storing from 4.7 GB to 17 GB. In order to read a DVD-ROM you must have a DVD-ROM drive. These drives can also read CD-ROMs. I am extremely interested in including a DVD-ROM drive in my computer purchase. A modem is a communications device that enables computers to communicate via telephone lines or other means. Although modems are available as both internal and external, most modems are internal. Just about every desktop system ships with a 56Kbps modem that meets the V.90 standard supported by all the major ISPs and online services.

This speed is fine for my Internet and e-mail needs. I will also opt for the type of modem that relies on the PCs CPU for processing rather than the dedicated controllers option. A monitor is a display device that consists of a screen housed in a plastic or metal case. I am interested in a color monitor. The screen size varies from 15 to 21 inches generally. A 19-inch monitor is what I am looking for.

19 inches gets you more screen real estate for very little extra cost, size, or weight over a 17-inch monitor. The quality of a monitor depends on its resolution, or sharpness and clarity. A higher resolution provides a smother image. Resolution is expressed as two separate numbers: the number of columns of pixels and the number of rows of pixels a monitor can display. You can view images comfortably at 1600 x 1200 resolution, although many monitors do a better job on image quality at 1280 x 1024. Another factor that determines monitor quality is dot pitch, which is a measure of image clarity.

The dot pitch is the vertical distance between each pixel on a monitor. The smaller the distance between the pixels, the sharper the displayed image. To minimize eye fatigue, one should use a monitor with a dot pitch of .27 millimeters or smaller, which I will. I will also make sure the monitor emits low amounts of radiation. A printer is an output device that is required by most users. An ink-jet printer more than covers my printing needs.

It has reasonably good output for both text and graphics and can handle color. An important factor that determines the quality of an ink-jet printer is its resolution. This is measured in dots per inch (dpi). Most ink-jet printers have a dpi that ranges from 300-to1440 dpi. An ink-jet with a dpi of 600 should be sufficient for my needs.

The speed of a printer is measured in pages per minute (ppm). An ink-jet printer that prints 8 pages per minute will be sufficient. I have no need for a plotter at the present time. If in the future I make any changes in my career choice, I may consider buying one. I have no particular preferences in regards to a keyboard.

The standard QWERTY keyboard will suffice. A scanner is similar to a copy machine except that it creates a file of the document instead of a paper copy. When a document is scanned, the results are stored in rows and columns of dots called a bitmap. Todays scanners range from 24 bit to 45 bit, with the latter being a higher quality, but more expensive. The density of the dots, known as the resolution, determines the sharpness of the resulting image. Resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi). Most of todays affordable color desktop scanners have an optical resolution ranging from 300 to 200 dpi. Today you can get a descent scanner for a relatively low price.

Therefore, I feel it is worth investing a little more to have this piece of equipment. Of all the different pointing devices out there I am most comfortable with a mouse. I feel more in control of the pointer on the screen with this device. I have used trackballs in the past. Unfortunately, I am not coordinated enough to use this device.

The speakers that come standard with computers today are perfect for my audio needs. There is no reason for me to spend extra money on a fancy set of speakers. All things being equal, a three-year warranty is more attractive than a one-year warranty. If however, the one-year plan is solid and covers parts and labor on all components and includes onsite service at my discretion rather than at the discretion of the vendor, I would take that over three years of haggling and headaches. The best way to purchase a computer is with a credit card. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you have 60 days from the occurrence of the problem in which to report the details in writing. With checks or money orders by the time you have a complaint the money is out of you account.

With Credit cards you have the best security. With all the different variations of software and hardware, it is extremely important to know what you need before making a purchase. If you do not get the proper information beforehand, there is a great chance of getting conned into a bad deal. Hopefully, this research will help me in my purchase. Computers and Internet Essays.