Computer Hackers

Computer Hackers REACTION PAPER FOR CASE STUDY #2, Chapter 17 This Reaction Paper represents my comments about and answers to questions concerning Case Study #2 in Chapter 17, pages 531 and 532 of the textbook. The comments and answers represent my interpretation of what the Case Study is about.

Question 1. Sometimes, a successful break-in into system makes it easy to invade many other systems. Answer. Some systems include information that helps hackers invade other systems. Some systems hold such information as credit card numbers, cell phone numbers, and passwords to other computers.

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If the main computer can be broke into then the other systems can be filtrated.Companies can loose money from accounts being drained, and valuable time being spent on repairing files. Question 2. List the lessons one can draw from this case for any organization that maintains a Web site. Answer.

One lesson is that no organization is immune to attacks against its Web site, unless proper measures are taken. Organizations must use such measures as encryption and firewalls for security. With Web Sites available to the public anyone that knows how can attempt to crack codes.This is a very scary thing. I know Clinton has put a lot of money into information protection for the country. Additional Comments.

I fell large organizations must have some kind of security for there Web Sites. If not a lot of money and work hours can easily be lost. More and more people are trying to crash web sites for competition reasons and just for plan old fun. Internet security is a must for large businesses of this time.2 Computers and Internet.