Compilation Image Of Typical Political Leader

Compilation Image Of Typical Political Leader This country has many opportunities to offer, for instance a pro wrestler becoming a governor; however, I do not feel that just anyone is fit for the top office in this nation. One who seeks to possess the title of President should not only have the campaign money needed to run, but he should also contain certain character traits that will lead the country through the good times and the bad, and help us to continue to be a major world leader. Among those characteristics, three of the utmost importances are reliability, confident, and stable. The head of a country should have a high boiling point and a low melting point. He should not snap, crackle, and pop under pressure; however, he should not wimp out when the pressure builds up either.

He should be able to fill the shoes no matter what the size. In the words of a great philosopher, “Peace is only to give you time to prepare for war.” Everyone has different views and no matter how many people the president convinces he is the best man for the job, someone will have objections. He is sure to remain under fire and his name might bear the allegations of a nation, but that is not the time to hold a press conference to try and clear your good name; he should attend to the needs of a flourishing nation and prove himself tried and true. Becoming president only means that he obtained at least fifty two percent of the popular vote, so every decision that he makes is sure to bear judgment. For every decision he makes he cannot turn a listening ear to the nation, they don’t have a law degree.

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A president should do what he thinks is in the best interest of the country, and besides what does he have a cabinet for? Not one time will a president act and gain the support of everyone; he should remain true to his principles and what he believes. If I was or anyone one else I knew were fit to run the country, then I think we might have an oval office too. In short, I think the president needs to be reliable, confident, and secure. He should keep the best interest of the nation at heart, and tell everybody else who wants to run the country that there is an upcoming election. Politics Essays.