Compare And Contrast Of Mr Perry And Mr Keating From Dead Poets Society

Compare And Contrast Of Mr. Perry And Mr. Keating From Dead Poet’s Society The movie Dead Poets Society launches the viewer into the world of several boys who learn from a non-traditional teacher in a traditional school. Throughout the movie several conflicts appear between several of the major characters. One of the main conflicts begins with two characters that only meet each other twice during the film.

Mr. Perry has raised his son Neil to be a respectable and very intelligent student. He is a stern person who believes that what he says is exactly what will happen. The fact that he doesnt listen to what his son wants to do makes him a person that can be easily not liked by the viewer. Mr.

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Keating is a former graduate of the school, which means that he knows what the teenagers are going through. With him he brings a non-traditional teaching style to a setting that is dominated by tradition and set of rules. He is easy to like which means that his students bond easily with him. The problems between Mr. Perry and Mr.

Keating escalate when Neil becomes a part of a local production without his fathers approval. His father finds out about the show a day before the opening night and orders Neil to drop out. Looking for someone to talk to, Neil consults Mr. Keating about his choices. Mr. Keating gives Neil the advice to explain the situation to his father in a calm atmosphere and seek his approval.

Knowing that his father will not approve Neil precedes with the show. Mr. Perry carries Neil home after the play and tells him of his plans to send him to a military school. In the conclusion Neil commits suicide and with his fatal shot he takes the only defense for Mr. Keating against Mr.

Perry. Mr. Perry is a person who because of his selfish actions causes a great deal of pain towards all the students and to Mr. Keating. Mr. Keating acted under the impression that Mr.

Perry knew about what Neil was doing and offered the best advice he could. Cinema and Television.