Communication Style Of Ma

Communication Style of Ma annon There are two genders—-man and woman in the world. Though these two gender live in the same culture, there are many differences between them, include communication style. The communication means that speech in life. If someone let you listen a dialogue that the same sound. I think you can discrininatefrom the speech content and style, who is man, who is woman.both man and women like boasting. but the express way is different. for example, a man want to boast himself how ^^.

, he will say directly. but woman want to boast herself how beautifully, she won^t express directly like man do. she will say how many man like her, how many man date her^.that means she is a pretty woman.In addition, if woman want show her money, she won^t to say directly how much money she had, she will change topic of conversation, like^how much her clothes, her car and her jewelry. Another way in which man^s and woman^s communication differ is body ^language. All people have known that woman like cry.

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why? woman likes use body-language to express her mood. because she can^t express directly.If man felt unhappy or happy, he will say directly. but woman won^t be. She uses cry to display her bad mo .

, so sometimes, you can^t know what^s reason let she cry. In brief, man …

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