College Accepatance about Programming

My past projects centered around analyzing, formulating and delivering solutions in every stage of providing Microsoft-format software for major Fortune500 companies. I have also designed a database system (implemented in SQL Server) and developed front end applications in Visual C++ and Visual Basic that used ODBC and DAO to access the server. This work piqued my interest in doing research in the field of database systems, and I started to think more analytically about the limitations of relational databases. I became interested in object-oriented databases, particularly their flexibility and their ability to meet the requirements of more complex structures.In my graduate studies, I plan to focus my research on optimizing queries and improving the performance of complex systems such as image, engineering, or scientific database systems.

I would like my research to include, but not be limited to, developing more powerful query techniques (possibly visual) and finding query optimization algorithms. My strong math background will enhance my ability to perform this research, which will in turn provide me with the tools I need in a future position as a teacher or as a researcher.I used my skills of logic to make a successful transition from one language and culture to another. I am confident that those same skills will allow me to translate the promise of visual query techniques to a working, practical reality.

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My academic background, my studies and work on database systems, and my firmly established research skills will enable me to succeed in the highly demanding program I have chosen.Finally, the excellence of your program, together with my abilities and motivation, will enable me to achieve my goals.